Time & Tide Always Change

Time & Tide Always Change



Time and tide wait for none, we have been always told

Just rise above these changing times, be so strong and bold

For time will always change, sometimes against sometimes your side

Not all times are the same, sometimes its just a high or low tide

Do not judge anyone by their time, for it takes a moment to change

What games time can play, that is even beyond your thinking range

So be just to everyone, do good and just build good karmas in life

Do not make fun of anyone, especially those facing tough strife

For you never know, the downtrodden can rule the Earth some day

Just keep steady on the path, not for a moment you go stray

A tree can make a million matches and think it is above all

Yet the same tiny match, can ignite and bring its downfall

Remember the law of karma, so you sow same shall you reap

Only good karmas remain after you, rest is just a useless heap

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