Swami Veda Bharti Ji: Great Soul Merges In The Infinite (13 July 2015)

Swami Veda Bharti Ji: Great Soul Merges In The Infinite (13 July 2015)


Yesterday on 13 July 2015, the great soul, Saint, philospher and direct disciple of Swami Rama of Himalayas attained Mahasamadhi. More details about this enlightened soul can be found at www.swamiveda.org.

A few lines dedicated to Swami Veda Ji

Such souls incarnate on this Earth for a purpose very special and entirely unique

Only few are able to apprehend their greatness, such is their simplicity and normal physique

To the uninitiated the body has been lost and they will cry and weep

Yet the true followers know that that it is just another great leap

From the mortal body to the consciousness of the infinite without any bounds

He has just passed onto silence from the multifarious sounds

Yet His presence will remain the same for all those who truly seek

You only need to be humble, faithful and loving, no need to be a geek

Such is the greatness of all the souls which inherit this Earth

That they can attain the same state, irrespective of their family of birth

It only needs a spark to ignite the fire within

To realize the Divine beneath the mortal skin

For those of you who cry and yearn

There is still a lot more to learn

Did not Swami Rama and myself told you to be above grief

Remember this is just a separation so brief

Beneath the body lies the real element that makes up the I

If you can reach that, you only limit is the sky

So get up and keep following the golden path you were shown

Then only can we say we are true followers, and we have really grown

Amen. Hari Om. Tat Sat


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