The Only Unattended Ceremony

The Only Unattended Ceremony


We attend hundreds and thousands of ceremonies in life

Whether it is happy or even if it is an occasion for strife

It is considered a pious deed to perform any such chore

For no one knows what all happiness and sorrow is in store

Yet there is just one ceremony, one truth, which we do not attend

As if we are totally oblivious, about this we forgot or so we pretend

The saints and sages are not afraid of this truth for they have gone beyond

This is the ultimate truth, which no one can escape and none can abscond

The devtas, the asuras, the humans are all bound by this law without fail

Even the Gods, the demigods are bound by this, whom the whole world does hail

Is there a way out of this, well the enlightened one’s say that it is certainly so

That is why they are always free, their face always shows a holy glow

That path is a secret, only a chosen few know it and about it they are told

For when the soul is found, it is an entire new life, just be prepare, behold

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