Will Power Applications

Will Power Applications

In the previous post we learn about some experiments to improve will power. Now we will go a step further and find out some more information about the same.  How do you know whether your experiments have been successful or not?  You can do few simple things to know if it is happening.

Try to think about any friend or relative who is far away and try to bring his or her picture to the mind and give any suggestion. This could be anything like call me immediately, or send me an SMS or whatsapp message. Of course the suggestion should be practically possible like you cannot suggest that get transmitted in front of you instantly. That could be perhaps possible when one attains highest state of Samadhi but not at this step. Give a reasonable timeframe for him/her to complete that task.

Make It Happen

Make It Happen

If your will power is really developing and effective, the other person will get an immediate urge to do the needful or in case he is not able to do it due to some reason, he would feel upset about it.

Practical Applications

Of course you need to ensure not to misuse your developed will power to do any harm or play pranks but only for meaningful purposes. Simply remember that the law of karma is supreme and if you do such acts, harm will come unto you also so be careful.

You can do many positive and purpose things with this like you can suggest to someone having enmity with you to forget about the enmity and have good feeling towards you. This is just an example and you can do lots of things like you.

Several experiments of this nature could be resorted to. You can test your will power through such experiments. True the job is initially very arduous. True it may take a long time. But there is no earthly reason as to why you should give it up mid-way and feel frustrated. You may rest assured that you will succeed, although you may fail in your initial attempts.

You can also increase the difficulty level of your tasks over time but do remember that this is a slow and steady process and needs to be slowly and steadily increased.

To further develop a strong will power we suggest the following steps:

Preserve Energy

Communication is vital for human beings but silence is golden and this rule is really golden for anyone in this practice. Speaking unnecessarily should be avoided else it wastes energy

Mind your company

A person is known by the company he keeps but in the realm of spirituality, you should keep good company so that you don’t get affected by their negative qualities. Of course once your will is developed the effect will be other way round. You will transfer your good vibes to others rather than receiving theirs but as a beginner try avoid company of weak willed people who are pessimistic and always complaining.

Practice Self Control

Many people believe that getting carried away by emotions is a good thing but if you actually want to develop will power try to exercise self control. We do not mean to say that you become a zombie but try not to get over excited, angry,  sad at slight provocation. Infact at times just for testing your control, try to remain serene even in situations where you want to laugh madly. But it should come from within and not mere suppression.

Respect Confidentiality

Try not to reveal your thoughts and secrets to everyone and maintain a degree of confidentiality. Of course this applies to case of others also and if you know anyones secrets do not reveal at the slightest provocation.

Of course there are several such things and even other aspects such as diet, pranayama and so forth though we will be taking them up later in our articles. Hence we see that by following a mixture of practices and techniques you can develop your will power and make your life much better and successful.

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