10 Most Mysterious Places In History

10 Most Mysterious Places In History

Mystery has the ability to attract us and make us go deep into it. There are many places on earth that are very mysterious by nature and there are also some places that have become mysterious due to folklore. No matter what it is, it’s interesting to get deeper into the places that are considered to be mysterious. We will discuss some of the most mysterious places that exist in the world and these places have been created by the mysterious history that can be associated with these places.

  1. The Bermuda triangle – One of the most written about places on Earth. Each person has their own view about this part of the world. It has a long history of big ships and planes going missing from this area. It is a triangle shaped area that falls between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico. It has got the name of Devil’s triangle too as many ships and planes have just vanished into thin air in this region. They have vanished in such a way that we have not even got a trace of these vessels. For many years it remained a mystery as to what happened to the vessels that went missing here. A lot of research was also done. The vessels that go missing here first go missing from the radar. Today it is believed that there is a strange magnetic field in this area that sometimes makes the vessels loose signal and a vessel without a radar signal can easily meet with any catastrophe. Especially if the weather is bad no radio signals can mean doom. It is said that in this region during bad weather you can see waves as high as almost fifty feet. A lot of ships and planes pass this area every day and there are some who are doomed and can never be found. We cannot blame some mysterious things happening here for all these accidents but the locals continue to believe that this area is cursed.
  2. Superstitious mountains – very close to the Bermuda triangle in the Arizona desert is a mountain range that is called the Superstitious Mountains. It is believed that under these mountains are passages that can lead you to hell. The natives of this region were Aache Indians and they strongly considered these mountains to be evil. Even today not many people go close to the mountains and especially at night you cannot find a soul here. It is said that a Dutchman had once found a gold mine in this area but we do not have any proof of a gold mine in this area.
  3. Lake Anjikuni – This Lake had a village settled around it. The village was thriving and had many people living. In 1930 Joe Labelle went to the village as he knew the village well. He basically wanted a shelter for the night. When he reached the village he was shocked to see that the village was empty and not even a single soul could be seen. The villagers had disappeared and all the possessions were left behind as it is. Not even a single body was found and no trace of violence. The villagers from a nearby village said that the night before Joe Labelle arrived there were strange lights seen in the sky over the village. It is a till date a mystery as to what might have happened in there. Joe Labelle also said that he found bodies of dogs that died of starvation and graves that were dug. He reported the incident to the police. The police did an investigation but they were not able to understand why the village was abandoned al of a sudden. Some also feel that it might be a story made by Joe Labelle. However, it continues to remain as one of the mysteries of the world.
  4. Bigelow Ranch – This ranch can be found in USA. Many strange incidents have been reported in the ranch. The owner of the ranch claimed that he and his family had spotted UFO’s in this ranch many a times. They were even able to see a UFO and an alien once. The alien was huge and seven feet tall. The cattle were going missing and were even found dead under mysterious circumstances. The owner was not able to take all this anymore so he finally sold it to Robert Bigelow. The Ranch belongs to Robert now. Robert works for national institute for discovery science. Those living near the ranch complain that they can hear strange sounds and see strange lights coming from the ranch.
  5. Point Pleasant – This is a place in West Virginia. The locals claim that here they have seen a creature called the mothman. The mothman had red eyes and also had large wings. He was as tall as seven feet and terrorised this area. In 1967 the silver bridge collapsed killing 46 people and after that this creature was never found. The mothman was seen by many across the city at nights and sometime flying in the sky. Even today when you visit Point Pleasant you can find the statue of the mothman.
  6. San Luis Valley – This is a valley in Colorado, USA. Why this area has become famous is that like the Bigelow Ranch a lot of incidents have been reported from this area. The incidents indicate that UFO can be seen in the sky at night and on the next day of the UFO sighting mutilated animals are found across the city. There have been so many such incidents reported that the locals have built a watchtower to keep a track of these UFOs. The watch tower was built 15 years back and even today every month you can see seven to eight UFOs visiting this place. It is basically a UFO hotspot. Why it is so common to spot these unknown vessels here is not known but there is something very mysterious about this place.
  7. Overtoun Bridge – The next in the list is a bridge that you can find in Dumbarton, Scotland. The bridge is a very strange one and has a mysterious history. It is said that anyone who walks on this bridge either wants to jump down from the bridge or throw something down from the bridge. It may seem like an exaggeration but the bridge actually has a strange impact on anyone who walks on it. For example 50 dogs have jumped from the bridge at the same spot. A local man Kevin Foy was walking on the bridge and he threw his baby son down from the bridge. When asked why he did so his reply was that the bridge made him do the act. The bridge has got a lot of attention from people across the world who has tried to study the bridge and what happens to the dogs here. There also have been reports of people who have tried to commit suicide by jumping from the bridge. It remains to be one of the most mysterious places on Earth.
  8. Skeleton lake – This Lake is found in India. It was in 1942 that a lake which has been frozen for years suddenly started to thaw out. This happened near a village named Roopkund. The villagers were shocked to see that inside the lake were 200 skeletons that were well preserved and dated back to the 850 AD. The cause of the death could not be determined but it was possible that there was a mass suicide ritual that happened in there. The legend talks about King of Kanauj who had visited the Nanda Devi shrine with a huge group suddenly met with a hail storm and perished near the area of Roopkund Lake. This is the lake where the skeletons can be found today proving the legends right.
  9. Hotel De Salto – This is a beautiful hotel located in Columbia. It is located near the Tequendama waterfalls. The hotel was closed in 1990 and the owner of the hotel left it and went. It was a luxurious hotel that was intended to attract the wealthy people who visited the waterfall. In the beginning all was fine but soon reports started to do rounds that the hotel is haunted. Many unexplained sightings were noticed. The fall was known for suicides. It is a beautiful waterfall and many times a lot of people from different parts of the society would choose this waterfall to commit suicide. Even inside the hotel many fights would happen after getting drunk and that led to tragedies. The caretaker of the hotel claims that the place is indeed haunted and at night strange things do happen there. The hotel has been renovated into a museum today. The structure is beautiful and majestic. It stands to tell a very interesting and mysterious story. No soul dares to get close to the hotel at night.
  10. The mines of Paris – Paris the capital of France. A beautiful city that has a history and culture that cannot be compared to any other city. The city is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Every year they attract a lot of visitors from across the globe. What we are going to discuss in this article is something in Paris that is not open to the visitors. It is the mines of Paris. These are the underground chambers in Paris that are closely guarded and are considered to be the path to hell. These mines were used in the olden days for mining purpose. They had a huge store of minerals. Later on they were used to dispose of the human remains that were cremated in the cemetery. These underground tunnels are filled with human bones and skulls. This decision was taken in the end of 18th century because the health of the population was at stake and diseases were spreading due to these cemeteries. The tunnels are as long as 280 meters but the tourists are allowed entry to only a certain part.

These are the list of the top ten most mysterious places on Earth. We hope that the readers will find it informative. We have not listed them on the basis of which one we consider the most mysterious we leave it to the readers to decide as to which one they consider to be the most mysterious. These places have a history and things happened here that cannot be forgotten with time. Today most of these places are deserted and they continue to be engulfed in the mystery that surrounds these places.

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