When The Going Gets Tough

When The Going Gets Tough

The obstacles cannot do anything to the brave

Everyday with difficulties they have close shave

Warriors count the wounds not in pain but pride

They are open for any challenge arms open wide

For a person who has grown up with life so tough

Even the wildest of seas do not seem at all rough

Dont be afraid just face the storm even if you drown

Keep smiling all the way, never be said neither frown

Anything you face with confidence will boost your life

You will welcome with ease, even the highest of strife

Never give up, never end your life, fight till the last

The times will change, sometimes slow sometimes fast

For if you keep persistence there is no way it wont arrive

The peace and happiness you seek will come if you survive

Never ever give up on your dreams, till it is your last breath

If you win over in life, you will be ultimately a winner in death

You just need to enhance your own internal strong will power

Then every blessing you will see the Lord will blissfully shower

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