Thoughts & Feelings: Electromagnetic Waves

Thoughts & Feelings: Electromagnetic Waves



We can fool the world by taking on an artificial smile

Yet we cannot dupe the universe, no, not even for a while

Thoughts and feelings you have in your mind manifest as energy

The combined effect of what people think creates such a synergy

So just watch your thoughts for what a real impact they create

Even when you wont let you, those walls this energy can permeate

If everyone of us started to think positive, world would be a different place

There would be no room for fear or terror, only infinite peace and solace

This is the greatest gift we can give to humanity in this strife ridden time

Imagine just by thinking, a sea change can be brought, a process so sublime

Not only you will do good to the world but your own very self would elevate

For in such a positive environment, your mind will attain the highest state

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