The Real Spirit Of Freedom

The Real Spirit Of Freedom

Such is the spirit of freedom and of independence in my nation

It is not easy to see such dedication, honesty and pure passion

Even the person who cannot make his both ends meet is proud

There is immense flame of patriotism even its hidden in shroud

Despite the worst of circumstances, till the last of one’s breath

Such feelings cannot be separated, nor end even with death

This shows that everyone wants to make a difference & contribute

What could be a greater feeling and what could be a better tribute

Let us forget our differences whether rich or poor and just unite

Only then can we make this nation great, and win this fight

Against the forces which are weakening India, like corruption

That is the only way to move ahead despite all disruption

Let us learn from this simple man, who is such a pillar strong

When this unity sends a message, no one can just get it wrong

Jai Hind


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