The Eternal Goal: Dream beyond dreams

The Eternal Goal: Dream beyond dreams


Everyone’s got a dream, it is only whether we realize it or not

It all depends whether to fulfill it we give a try and our best shot

People will usually discourage you, very few will motivate

They will judge you wrongly, they will surely underestimate

The wise and the determined do not fall for such words and loose

In every action of their, they have confidence which does ooze

If you want anything, nothing can stop you, for the Divine Will is within

That has the capacity to overcome any obstacle, through all thick and thin

But it is you, who needs to be convinced, for if you think you certainly can

Even if the world is against you, the entire community, the entire clan

However make sure your purpose is right, do not determine for things unpure

Whether the motive is a good one and beneficial, this you have to make sure

Even the worst of motives will get fulfilledthat is the law of karma like a solid rock

But it is upto you to decided, so that there is no worry at end when you take stock

You should be able to look back with pride and say I overcame everything to achieve

That huge success begins with the very first small thought that you one day conceive

In the end dust thou art and to dust thou shall return but the sanskaras will go along

They are your true possessions life after life, to you they really belong

When you achieve the sufficient will, then it is time to make the last move

Then you need to trace back to your own self, a path narrower than a groove

All that you do and all that you learn, is not much use without reaching your soul

When the world fades externally, then shines the inner, true and permanent goal

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