Housemaids & Owners: The Special Relationship

Housemaids & Owners: The Special Relationship

Housemaids are a necessity these days in most homes especially in the urban areas whether it is the developing world or even in the developed world. Of course in the developed world, normal people cannot afford housemaids. Yet the status of housemaids not only in the society but also in the cyber world can be gauged from one simple fact. Just search “housemaids and owners” in the hope that you might come across something yields only xxx rated sites, images and videos. Perhaps this Metaphysics Knowledge post will change this trend by being the debut article with this title but with a sacred theme.

The Truth

The truth is far from what you see and despite the few incidents of the bad kind, most of the homes have maids and servants as extended family members. Of course in the metro and urban cities where things are more professional and less personal it might not be so but in countries like India and especially their rural parts, where the real nation lives, things are different.


There maids and servants are not just workers but family members. Despite the minor differences and incidents that might happen, the thing is they are an important part and parcel of our life. So we should follow few basic principles to ensure that we keep this relationship right from the spiritual perspective as well. After all the karmic law is above all

Rules and Principles

  1. Always consider them as family members and try to treat them as you would any of your relatives or other members of extended family
  2. Although it is also a business relationship, still at least ensure that you pay them the wages which are prevalent in your city or area. of course this depends on your area of your residence. Chances are if you overpay them, it will spoil the market in your area so that is a practical limitation and other neighbors will be cross with you, but try to achieve the line of balance as per your own reasoning and common sense
  3.  If you give them anything to eat, make sure its worth eating, not something which you need to throw away. Of course many times it so happens that sometimes some small amount of vegetable or daal is left which we hand over to them. There is nothing wrong in it as long as its edible and not spoiled. Similarly sometimes people who get sweets on festivals also hand over to maids, which is again ok as long as they willingly accept it
  4. You can always tip them reasonably on occasions like Diwali, new child birth, marriage, any other ceremony etc. That way it will help to spread the cheer and happiness to them too.
  5. Try not to scold them for tiny mistakes, of course if someone is doing it on purpose then discipline is necessary at times, but then the intention should be to correct, not to take our vengeance. Remember the intention is more important than the act even in the general rule of karma
  6. There are n… number of other rules but the above should suffice.

A reader’s note:

The above post was inspired by a reader whose maids passed away suddenly just due to a minor accident. A few lines sent by the reader

They are also humans like us, just remember this even if they are poor and deprived

You cannot be a complete human, unless you remember this, you have not arrived

They might not be educated, but they support your basic life, that is a debt so heavy

Unless you repay it with reaso..nable money and kindness, karma tax on you will levy

Make sure especially if they are old and sick, not to make life for them as hell

Be friendly and homely to them, you can even tell them their name to spell

Do not kick them from work, if they can work, even if they are bit old

For the work will certainly go on, for tiny mistakes do not over scold

Sometimes it so happens that they leave this world without a clue

Many times it might not be expected, just happens out of the blue

We cannot do much but we can at least Pray, that is a force so high

For if you keep these simple tips in mind, the limit is the sky

Of course these things are easier said than done, for these are times tough

When people dont even bother about their own elders and treat them rough

Who has got time to think for maids, yet if you do so, you will realize

You will have achieved a saner mind, you will be certainly more wise

Let the Almighty Bless you with this wisdom, may you always do the right

This will certainly help the community, and reduce some of their plight

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