Soldier: A Winner In Life A Winner In Death

Soldier: A Winner In Life A Winner In Death



We all yearn to achieve something really unique and something great

Yet there are only a fortunate few, who have the soldier’s fate

It is a unique opportunity to serve the nation and even die

There is no equal duty, no other sacrifice for they touch the sky

Life is certainly short, yet we mostly die each day afraid of one thing or other

Life is Heaven for a soldier, who gets the opportunity to lay life for country, the Mother

I will Pray to the Lord if I have to reincarnate in the human form any more time on Earth

He should give me the life of a soldier; whenever there is another birth

The passion for laying down the life for one’s own land

It is a spirit to pure, an ambition so lofty and grand

Even Krishna says in the Gita to fight like a warrior in the battle of life

To be steady in the face of all situations, face every challenge and strife

It is better to die fighting for the sake of the nation, rather than live long

Such is the beauty of this sacrifice, such beautiful is the patriotic song

You can learn a lot of things from the solider and apply it to your own

Remember you have to fight to the end, never to cry or moan

Life will present different battles; people will always try to scare

Just take everything in your stride, just try it, simply just dare

When you stand by something, remember you stick to it no matter what

Let the whole world be against you, you will find a way with your feeling gut

If you succeed you will win the battle, if you lose you will be a martyr so high

It is always better to die than to loose, for there is always another sky


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