Moments of Solitude

Moments of Solitude

When the world is so silent you hear even the breath

When it feels so lonely just like being in arms of death

Thats the time when some force within you must awaken

That is the time when your myths of existence are shaken

For there is vast solitude when just engulfs you complete

That you realize the life is a speck in the eternal time fleet

The sages say that you should try to unite with the soul

For that is the highest and the only perhaps worthy goal

Moments of solitude (Image Courtesy: website)

When that state is reached there is no desire nor any fear

That is the only time in life when nothing you hold dear

Still when you awake from that dream and delusion

That’s the time you realize it was real not an illusion

The power you have within you is really infinite

It can overcome all the situations difficulties despite

So why are you afraid just bear the silence and be strong

Just believe in the Almighty that nothing is wrong

At the end it is not whether you lose or win that matters

The person only loses if he cant stand but just shatters

So keep going the universe is all along for your support

Play your role well as there is not respite in Divine court

Be thankful that you were given the opportunity to live

Just dont be a collector of objects but just distribute give

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