Live Life Kingsize

Live Life Kingsize

No matter what you possess, more or less, it doesn’t matter at all

Look at these little angels, who hardly have anything but stand tall

To enjoy life, you just need a joyous mind, a selfless and pure thought

Try living like this and you will feel the cool breeze like a draught

Live like a rock star, no matter what are your circumstances in life

No matter what just be happy, whether you are rocking or in strife

When you play your role with all enthusiasm and give your best

Then no-one can stop you, for you are qualified in the divine test

At the end of the day its all the same whether you were pauper or king

If you have satisfaction in your mind, when you have that zing

That is the time when you come face to face with your own soul

To achieve that state should be your only objective, your true goal

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