Sixth Chakra

Sixth Chakra

Sixth Chakra is the next very popular chakra in the human body that we are going to discuss now. It is also called the agnya chakra. This chakra controls compassion and forgiveness, it also control anger and humility. It is placed between the two eyes. It is considered to be one of the most powerful chakras in the human body. Now that you know a little about the sixth Chakra we will move into more details about the sixth Chakra.

Achieve the Balance

To balance the sixth Chakra one can use a kumkum or a bindi. Doing this will ensure that the ego of the person is reduced and humility increases. This is exactly when whenever you visit a temple the Pandit will apply a kumkum or chandan to this area alone. The sixth Chakra is also considered as the third eye.

When the sixth Chakra is not functioning properly the person will suffer from high ego and self-esteem. This will make the person withdraw. This is exactly why the sixth Chakra must be healed with at priority. If the sixth Chakra is weak one will suffer in personal relationships due to high ego. Friends and family try to avoid those with a bad sixth Chakra. This also makes the person irritated and angry.

If you have a weak sixth Chakra you will take small things to heart. You will also feel like shouting at others. The people with a weak sixth Chakra are often less imaginative and creative. They lack compassion and forgiveness for others. This is exactly why they appear to be cold. The people with a strong sixth Chakra have a powerful sixth sense. They can also have a good sense of telepathy and sixth sense.

On the other hand those with a weak sixth Chakra will not be able to have a powerful sixth sense. The sixth Chakra is associated with knowledge and knowing. This is exactly why people with a good sixth Chakra will have the ability to predict and see things that others cannot. There are some people who generally say things even before they happen. These people have a good sixth Chakra. The sixth Chakra controls the body parts namely pituitary glands, eyes, head and lower brain. If you are suffering from any concerns to these parts of the body then you must look at healing the sixth Chakra. You will notice that even after years of medication you are not able to deal with the problems associated with these parts of the body. However, by following the sixth Chakra healing methods you will be able to lead a better life.

All those with a weak sixth Chakra often suffer from terrible headaches. They also suffer from hallucination, nightmares and the difficulty to concentrate. One can also suffer from poor eye sight and bad memory. The weaker the sixth Chakra the more severe the problems tend to become. Some children with a weak sixth Chakra may find it difficult to concentrate as a result their studies suffer.

The colour that is associated with the sixth Chakra is purple and violet. Both the colours are associated with the sense of spirituality. We will now discuss how you can heal the sixth Chakra. The remedies to heal the sixth Chakra are many and simple. You can either select one of these methods or you can follow at the maximum two methods of healing. If you start to practice all the methods of healing the sixth Chakra at the same time then you will not be able to get the desired results.

The first remedy to improve the sixth Chakra is to go for positive visualisations. This will improve the sixth Chakra. If you are good with yoga then you must try forward bends. These help a lot in healing the sixth Chakra. There are many eye exercises that you can do when you want to improve the sixth Chakra. These eye exercises will help you to improve the strength and the efficiency of the sixth Chakra. Try to wear dark blue clothes. It will definitely help you to open the sixth Chakra. Try to read a dream journal and some philosophical books. You can also try reading mythological and spiritual stories. You can also try to write imaginative stories. Reading fairy tales can also help to heal the sixth Chakra.

You can visit an art gallery and put up an exhibit of your own. You can also try to learn a creative work to improve the sixth Chakra. We are not saying that you will definitely be great but this will help you to improve the sixth Chakra. Try to do things that make you happy. You must read stories that will fill you with positivity. You can read inspirational quotes. You must start and end your day on a positive note. You can also think of cooking this can improve the sixth Chakra. Try to spend more time with the people that make you happy. You must tell the people who matter the most to you why you like them and love them.

Aromatherapy with lemon, lavender, and lemongrass can help you to feel better. You can take a shower is a water with few drops of honey. These simple tricks can sooth your senses and make your sixth Chakra more powerful. You can use stones like blue sapphire, opal, and amethyst. Place these stones on your forehead just between the eyes for some time every day. You can also wear these stones around your neck or carry them with you. These simple steps can heal the sixth Chakra. However, we must mention here that before you use these stones to heal the sixth Chakra do discuss with a learned chakra expert. Some stones may not suit you and as a result cause you harm.

You can chant Om at least for five minutes a day. You can try yoga poses namely child’s pose, cat pose, cow pose and shoulder stand on a daily basis. You can find these poses online. You can rub your hands and place them on your eyes and at times at the place between the two eyes. Doing this will help you to transfer the energy from your palms to the sixth Chakra. This will eventually lead to the improvement of the sixth Chakra.

This is more or less all that you must know about the vital sixth Chakra. We will recommend that you follow the tips that we have mentioned on healing the sixth Chakra. We are sure that these simple steps will definitely help you to improve the sixth Chakra and also help you to live a better life.

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