Happy Valmiki Jayanti

Happy Valmiki Jayanti

Happy Valmiki Jayanti 2015

He is one of the greatest sage in history ever

An inspiration for those who say it cant be, never

For He used to be a robber doing any and all bad deed

To the advice of elders, He never paid any heed

Unless one day when he realized in His sins He was alone

This light to Him on the behest of Almighty was shown

Then only He became aware that He was doing utterly wrong

Instead of doing robbery, He then began to sing the Divine Song

Hence a great sage was born from the normal worldly sinner

It is a lesson for each one of us, everyone can be a winner

Let not anyone be afraid if you think you are bad or weak

No matter how the situation, for the better you can tweak

The life of such Sages is always there for us to inspire

You can also be like them, if you genuinely have the desire

Jai Bhagwan Valmiki Ji

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