Die Another Day

Die Another Day

Positive attitude in life is always a must

Despite all odds in life, you still gotta trust

It is not for any other persons sake

For you own self, this attitude you just make

See the good even in bad, light even in the dark

Otherwise you will attract negativity so stark

Bad things are very hard to forget from the mind

Yet you will have to forget, to yourself be kind

Forgive those who hurt you dont harbour any pain

Else the torture will be forever, anything you wont gain

And above all you need to have faith infinite

Not to be shaken or worried at tribulations slight

When you become calm and let nature do its work

Then you think wisely and not like a jerk

So always Pray that you get to see the best

So that life is meaningful and full of zest

Dont consider life a challenge its just a play

Just live and give your best, die another day

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