Care For The Elders

Care For The Elders


It might not be true for all but these cases are certainly on the rise

People seem to be going materialistic, turning blind to wise advice

It has been written in the scriptures that you treat elders with all care

Dont even think of mistreating them, be afraid of His wrath, dont even dare

Yet the effect of kaliyuga is such that while parents raise many a child

The kids cannot tolerate, even if they cause inconvenience just mild

You have to pass through the same phase, remember the karmic law

Try not to incur such bad karmas, even if you might have many a flaw

People find an easy excuse in the name of careers in this day

Yet they could find time for you always, come whatever what may

You Pray to God for your success, you offer so many a thing

Yet try doing this highest deed, see how much happiness it will bring

Even if you dont worship idols it is okay for the Gods will understand for sure

It is only the good karmas, that will bring forth effects pious and pure

Even if they dont have anything, their blessings will make you reach high

The untold karmic effects without your knowledge will help you reach the sky

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