Sri Padmanabhaswamy Inside Story – Part II

Sri Padmanabhaswamy Inside Story – Part II

We saw in our previous post on the hidden treasure that how the Kerala temple got into world news for the treasure that was supposedly found there. Before going further it is appropriate to introspect at this stage that whether temples should be treasured for their riches or for the priceless spiritual experience that leads a soul from maya to the inner self. Of course it is the latter, but someone in this materialistic world, people are more interested in temples which have material treasures.

You can continue to read the story and how it is unfolding but also remember at the same time, that symbolically speaking, the treasure of the temple is the closely guarded chamber of inner silence and peace which is hidden from the outside hustle and bustle. One just needs to focus on this and everything else would fall in place.

Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple Treasure The Inside Story Part II

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