Words are sharper than swords

Words are sharper than swords

It all takes a team to make the best out of life, so always be sport

Before you say anything, weigh it and give it a purposeful thought

Try to be positive, ignore the mistakes of others, just focus on your work

Do not get indulged in loose talk, your responsibility you should never shirk

Things can go wrong in a moment, so never be proud of whatever you achieve

Have the insight to look far, use your intuition to feel and perceive

Whenever things dont work, that is the best time to reflect on what went wrong

Whatever is the outcome just keep smiling, for just take life as a beautiful song

Relations are meant to be temporary, no matter personal or professional

But it is not a good way to end up fighting, so always be cool and rational

It has been said since the time of Ramayana that alcohol is the root of all evil

Even a good person can become the opposite and can just play the devil

So just learn one thing from this incident if you can just keep on the ground

Or else you never know, you will need to repent and the incidents will hound

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