How Long Will I Live/When Will I Die?

How Long Will I Live/When Will I Die?

Strange are the musings of life as life is eternal and evolving yet there is a break called death which closes one chapter and opens new one as per the theory of reincarnation. People often want to know how long will I live or when will I die? Let us try to find an answer to these questions. First we will take the astrological view of this and later on the philosophical as told by Saints and Sages.

The Astrological View

It is believed that the time you are born that very moment the time and date of your death is also decided. We know a lot about life and death and also about after life. There are many ways by which you can find out when you are going to die. In Vedic astrology the horoscope is made at the time of the birth based on the planetary positions this helps the astrologers to understand the time of death.

When will I die is a question that we all want to find the answer for. If a person knows when he or she will die then they can full fill all their responsibilities and die a peaceful death. It is believed that souls don’t rest in peace because they tend to have some unfulfilled desires that don’t let them rest in peace.

How Long Will I Live?

In palmistry as per the length and the depth of the life line we can determine for how long the person is going to live. If the life line is broken and starts again then you may meet a near to death experience and be back. If the line is not clear then the person will suffer from a lot of accidents and health concerns. This line can tell a great deal about how long you will live. Some elders believe that if a person is born at the start of an auspicious day they live longer.

People who are born between 12:00 to 1:00 whether in the afternoon or night also have a longer life. There are many believes in this, some astrologers claim that they can tell the exact time of death. One of my uncles went to an astrologer and he had told him a time when he would die. However, he lived much longer after that.

It is also said that when we do some good to others and if we take good care of our health then our life line becomes stronger. The lines on our palms thus keep changing. There are many sites online that will give you a date and time of death as soon as you enter some details.

when will i die

When Will I Die

However, a serious consultation with a well-educated astrologer can help you get a better answer to this question of when will I die. There are many who die before time in accidents. It is believed that these people cannot rest in peace and try to come back. I don’t know if anyone can tell you exactly when you will die.

However, the points mentioned above might help you understand the answer to this question. After all no one can live for ever we all have to die someday. You can also consult an astrologer and take stones that might help you to avoid accidents and deaths. These stones can also help you to stay healthy. Every second is bringing us close to death. If you think like this then maybe you will not be able to live completely ever.

Saints and Sages on Death

The view of Saints and Sages on the question of death is entirely different from that of astrologers due to obvious reasons that they live and exist at an entirely elevated plane of the mind. One should not think about death but just live and work as if one is eternal which is even otherwise true although a normal person may not realize it.

Do everything to the best of your ability and most importantly try to be in touch with your own self through meditation and realize for yourself that death is just an end of the body whereas the real self within keeps on living along with whatever sanskaras and karmas you have created in the past and generating currently.

So instead of when when will I die or how long will I live, just live your life to the fullest but of course not doing anything that comes to the mind but in a disciplined manner not following the principle of enjoying a single life but a responsible human being knowing that karmas and reincarnation will let you continue in the cycle of birth and death so get over and above them.

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