What Does A Double Fate Line Mean?

What Does A Double Fate Line Mean?

The palm majorly has three lines that are heart, life and fate lines. Each line has a significance of its own. Let us find out the significance of having a double fate line on our palms. Does it signify double measure of fate or is there another significance for the same?

The Line of Destiny

The fate line as the name itself says controls our destiny. It foretells what life has in store for us. Considered to be one of the most vital lines on our palm, it is a straight line that starts from the base of our palm and moves to the tip. A common line found on all hands. It is called a fate line as it directly corresponds with our ability to work hard. The harder we work the stronger this line will be. We will discuss a little on what does the clarity and the length of this line say.

Absence of Fate Line

Double Fate Line

Double Fate Line

The absence of it means that the person will not be able to do much in life.  A strong and clear fate line indicates that the person will have a successful life and enjoy a peaceful retirement without monetary concerns.

Characteristics of Fate Line

It is interesting to know that the colour of the fate line also has a lot of information to give. A deep red coloured fate line which is not very commonly seen signifies that the person will suffer from disrepute and dishonour. A deep line signifies that the person will have to put in a lot of hard work and commitment in whatever they do to get success in life. The fate line is also found in zigzag shape meaning that the childhood of the kid will be full of ups and downs.

Sometimes the heart line is chained near the line of heart as a result the married life will suffer. A wavy life line is an indication that the person will have a fickle mind and lacks direction. Each line and pattern has a lot to say about the person. Now we are going to discuss about a double fate line and what exactly does it mean.

Meaning of Double Fate Line

How do you know that it is a double fate line? Well if you have a line normal fate line and corresponding to it you can see another line parallel and it starting from the mount of moon. It is considered a case of double fate line. If you have a double fate line you don’t need to worry about it.

Just consult a good astrologer and they tell you exactly what a dual fate line means. Fate line reading is not a very easy task and needs specialized knowledge. Some have it form childhood and for some it comes with age as it becomes more prominent. In some cases the lines are always separate whereas in few cases they join in. The line that starts from the mount of moon signifies that the person will have a talent that will be accepted by the masses. It is generally found in people with artistic bent and a determination to succeed.

I hope now you know what a fate line is and what it signifies. I hope you will now be able to understand what exactly a double fate line mean and how it can affect your life.

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