How To Spot Dhongi Babas?

How To Spot Dhongi Babas?

In India it is very easy to spot babas. However, when you see one you must be in a position to understand if they are real or not. We will try to explain in this article on how to spot dhongi babas? The point you must keep in mind is that a baba is a spiritual person. He will not be looking for monetary gains. The babas are sanyasis who have left the worldly pleasures to live a better life. They spend years in search of the truth and when they get the truth they want to share it with others. The babas will be living a simple life. They need very little food.

Some Suggestions

A baba will never force you to belive him or have faith in him. He will want you to simply listen to him and whether you follow him or not are absolutely up to you. Some babas may tell you that if you do not follow what they are saying calamity will fall on you. A true baba will only show you the path but he will never expect that you to follow whatever he wants you to.

Money is something that a baba just does not need. They are not attached to material things then why do they need money. Most of the Babas are Brahmachari and they do not have families to look after. If you find a baba that has a family then you may know that he is not a true Sanyasi. Greed is something a baba.6*-+ will never have.

Dhongi baba

Dhongi baba


Anger is another emotion that babas like to stay away from. They are calm and composed. Even if you try to irritate them they will keep calm. They do not get insulted and they are completely in control of their emotions. If you find a baba that gets upset at the drop of a hat you must know that he has not attained siddha and is not a true baba.

A dhongi baba will have a huge hue and cry about him and will keep praising his achievements. A true baba will never say big things about him. He will be a simple man and others will tell you about his achievements. He will not want fame or recognition. The only aim of a true baba is that the people who follow him get happiness and they live a better life. In the presence of these babas you will feel a strange sense of calm and ease. You will get attracted towards the real babas and feel a sense of peace.

Not Necessarily Dhongi

Some people feel that those who drink and smoke might not be true babas. Well this is not correct. Some real babas also take to smoking and drinking as this helps them to feel closer to god. This takes to a state of trance and they feel one with god. Some babas may be involved in music and dancing too. These are their ways to feel the universal power and unite with this supreme power. So if you see a baba involved in such activities do not right away consider them as fake or dhongi.

Sexual Advantage: Beware 

Sometime you will see dhongi babas taking advantage of the uneducated and the poor people. They can take monetary, physical as well as sexual advantages. You will read a lot of articles on how babas take undue advantage of blind faith. We as educated people should ensure tha the deeds of these dhongi babas are brought to the notice of the authorities and they take all the action that is required to punish these babas. You should not be scared if you come across a dhongi baba and report about him to the police.

There are laws that have been framed specifically to deal with these fraud babas. Only when action is taken will the dhongi babas stop taking advantage of the innocent people. Our aim in this article on how to spot dhongi babas was mainly to help the readers recognise the fraud babas. We are not saying that all babas are fraud all that we are trying to say is that check the background of the baba properly and do not follow anyone blindly.

Editor’s Note: the term dhongi baba is very vague and hence this is just a generic article dealing with this topic. We cannot guarantee that following these tips you can certainly distinguish between the different types of babas but you can certainly visit some of our more stuff to find the difference between between a true and fake baba.

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