Uses Of Diamond In Astrology

Uses Of Diamond In Astrology
Diamond in Astrology

Diamond in Astrology

Being the hardest stone a jeweler has to cut, diamond is also the hardest and very valuable stone found on our planet. Diamonds occupy a special place in gemstones related to astrology.

A diamond can be worn by any one for ornamental purpose whoever can afford to buy them, but in astrology only some people can wear them. They should be braced on a gold ring and should be worn on the ring finger.

Diamond Gemstone Astrology

Diamonds symbolize luxury and are associated with the planet Venus. In astrology they are worn for their protective power rather than their luxurious status. They are the most powerful gem and are known for their quick results. (Source 1)

Characteristics of Diamond

They are related to strength, color, the number 6; they affect the sense of taste and are associated with healing and protection of the bottom of the neck. Diamonds and other colorless gems are associated with the color indigo. Cosmic rays emitted in indigo are related to fluids within and secreted by our body. Mucus, sweat, sperm are some of these liquids in the body thus it is associated with the limb system, secretion organs and hormones.

Other aspects they are related to in astrology are happiness- this comes due to the power within the gem. It increases your life span, comfort, creativity, and prosperity this qualities automatically comes to the wearer since the gem influences the person in many other ways that gives him confidence to take any challenge with surety of success. Certain shapes of diamond are associated with gender of unborn children. They are also ward off evil spirits, snake bites among other. (Source 2)

Many of you may not know, but diamonds are also found in different colors such as

  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Purple

This color variation is shared with Zircon also.

Royal people or rulers of nations should wear pink diamonds. Common people should only wear certain colors depending on their status in society as they may affect them negatively.

Teachers, scientist and priests should wear white (colorless) diamonds as white concentrates more energy on mental ability and thinking.

Businessmen, bankers and farmers should wear yellow coloured diamonds as these enhance there ability to make correct judgment of issues that require calculation

Blue and black are reserved for laborers, servants and people who do hard manual work. This is because the diamond increases their posture and physical strength.

Diamond is also associated with loyalty between marriage partners and increased love towards other members of the society. Perhaps this might be the reason that mostly engagement rings are preferred to contain diamond.

Guide to Purchase Diamonds

Diamond in Astrology

Diamond in Astrology

From the astrological point of view, one should only purchase a diamond that is at least 1.5 carats or above. Any less than this is generally not recommended.

Being a precious gem it should be set in precious metal usually either gold or platinum.

How and When to Wear?

If the wearer has never worn a diamond previously, it should only be worn on a Friday morning before sunrise. This means if you purchase it on Monday you will have to wait till Friday before wearing it. For a person who has worn a diamond before he can wear it anytime but it recommended that it should be wear on a Friday if possible.

Points to Avoid

Diamonds that are damaged, cracked or have any impurity should be avoided. These imperfections can range in many ways from having unbalanced coloration to chips or cracks on the diamond edges. They should not be kept in the house because once a diamond has been damaged it begins attracting negative power instead of steering them away. They are associated with destruction of wealth, peace of mind, disease and bring disaster.

Diamonds should be purchased for renowned jewelers since modern technology has been developed to code each gem. This means that each gem can be traced back to the mine it was extracted from and the quality of each gem. We also carry an article on where to purchase gemstones at this link.

Reference books

Source 1: Astrology & The Cards by E. H. Bailey

Source 2The Healing Power of Gems by Harish Johari

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