The Power Of Chanting: Sound Is Energy

The Power Of Chanting: Sound Is Energy

Scientists of the modern day tell us that sound is a form of energy but seers of the ancient times knew this fact since times immemorial. Not only were they well versed in the power of sound energy but also they had devised seemingly miraculous ways to harness this power for the good of oneself. Whether we call it by the name mantras or chanting or whatever, they are all manifestations of sound energy to invoke spiritual experiences and inherent dormant powers of the mind. Let us first begin with the introduction of word chanting.

Power of Chanting

Power of Chanting

The word ‘Chant’ is of French origin. It involves speaking or singing in a rhythmic pattern. Usually two pitches known as reciting tones are used. A part of all nearly all religions and cultures it may involve simple melodies or complex musical compositions that are repeated.  Let us look at chanting in detail.

In The Beginning Was The Word (John 1:1)

Since the ancient times, man has used sounds for receiving information from his environment and communicating with others. All ancient cultures believed that sound is a creative and a generative force that played a major role bringing the Universe into existence. As per Hindu tradition, the word ‘OM’ (pronounced as it is written or as AUM) is considered to be the sound that initiated creation.

Given below is a sample of chanting used by Buddhist followers, click on play button to listen to it. (we had to temporary remove the sound file due to some technical issues, will reload it soon, apologize for inconvenience)

The Power of Sound

Sounds or vibrations are a very powerful force in this universe. They have the potential of influencing our moods and movements. Just imagine how an aerobics session would be without some fast music. Some sounds make us feel better and calmer while others may not trigger the same response. Whether listening to a sound consciously or otherwise, even if the mind does not react to it, our bodies take cue from sounds and rythms and respond to them.

The Universal Tool

Chanting is a wonderful tool that can be used for achieving a variety of purposes – de-stressing, attracting good health, meditation and connecting to the Omnipresent. It is something that we come across very often in our daily lives – the sound of ‘OM’, the prayers conducted by Muslims, the mass ceremony and reading of Psalms in the Church and rendition of mantras by Buddhists, the Bahai prayers and ‘Sumiran or Simran’ in the Sikh religion  are all examples of different forms of chanting.

The Power of Chanting

Chanting creates positive vibrations that further stimulates relaxation and healing. In addition to these, it can be used for altering the breathing patterns, improving listening and concentration and overcoming hurdles. It is considered to be a technique that introduces one to the subtle aspects of being.

Every time we chant we create sound, vibrations, we create a powerful force.  When chanting is done with full sincerity, conviction and faith it can trigger a bomb of energy, vibrations that have the power of charting you through difficult circumstances.

Chanting helps you embody the prayers in yourself. Every time you chant aloud you not only think about what you are chanting, you speak it and hear it. With three of your faculties involved in chanting, it will reverberate in your body.

The Cure For All Ills

Infact it might seem on the verge of fiction, but deep chanting can help to cure any bodily disease, even so called incurable ones, if done properly and in the right manner. Of course this is a subject matter of detailed discussion and we will take it up in separate articles.

States of Chanting

There are five states of chanting –

  1. Conscious chanting
  2. Whisper chanting
  3. Mental chanting
  4. Subconscious chanting
  5. Super-conscious chanting

Super-conscious chanting is the highest state for it involves chanting at all levels of the mind – super-conscious, subconscious and conscious minds.  Irrespective of the religion or practice that you follow the more concentration and intensity you put in your chanting the more you gain.

Allow your mind to be free while concentrating on what you are chanting and slowly everything else will make way. Clearing your mind, you will feel an eternal peace and calm mind. A clear mind allows opens you and you are ready to receive new information, think of new ideas.

Confusion will make way for order, problems for solutions and anxiety for calm.  As per your preference or religion, use chanting as a tool for harnessing your creativity, improving focus, heal and meditate.

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