Tantra Meditation: Is It Evil?

Tantra Meditation: Is It Evil?

Tantra meditation is an ancient form of meditation that was born in India. Tantra meditation is immensely powerful and it is capable of doing a lot of things. It is so powerful that it is supposed to make a healthy man sick, and stretches as far as giving temporary life to the dead. At the same time, tantra meditation has always been associated with the evil and negative. This is not exactly true as we shall find out in this article

Tantra meditation can also do a lot of good. It can bless a childless couple with child. It can ensure that you meet your soul mate. You name it and tantra meditation can do it. Well unfortunately tantra meditation has been termed as the black magic of India. We will now discuss how this happened over time.

Tantra meditation

Tantra meditation

In the olden days tantra meditation was done to control both good and evil spirits. Tantra meditation basically is done by using souls of the dead, or people who have left their bodies. These souls are asked questions. These souls can travel back and forward in time and collect any information that they are told to.

Using this information the tantric helps his clients. If the information is a good one a good soul is used and if the information is an evil one an evil soul is used for the job. The tantric enslaves these souls and uses them for their own needs.

The tantric most of the time live a secluded life. They live in forests and also in places where the dead are burnt. The spend years in tantra meditation and attain great powers. We cannot say how many of the tantrics today are genuine. However, we can definitely say that the knowledge of tantra meditation is limited to few as it requires great devotion that is not very easy to find in today’s world. Many people have done research on the subject and many books have been written on the same.

Some tantrics will want alcohol from the clients in order to tell them the future. They are not normal people that we meet. Most of them don’t even have a family. They live a life of seclusion and socialise very little. Most of them die alone. The tantric say that as they can not only predict the future of a person they can also change it. This is exactly why the Gods are never pleased with tantra. Nature has  a general plan for everyone and through the use of techniques like tantra meditation, we can change the course of this life. This is exactly why tantra has a negative effect on the life of the tantric when he/she indulges in such usage of the great knowledge.

In tantra meditation the things that are used are not the conventional type. They use bones and skulls of the dead. The ashes of the dead are an important part of tantra meditation. Well the belief in tantra is that body is something that will end one day. The only aspect of life that will always remain with us is the soul.

The ashes are the only remaining part of life after death as Hindus are burnt. The ashes are powerful and they can make the impossible possible. The tantra meditation is mostly done on no moon nights as the evil spirits are strongest on this day. The tantra meditation requires chanting of a lot of mantras. Bali that in Sanskrit means sacrifice is a very crucial part of Tantra meditation. Bali may be done of an animal. In most parts of the country this has been banned. However, in some rural areas this still continues. Goddess Kaali is worshiped in tantra meditation. Many tantrics even drink blood of animals to please the Goddess and get blessed.

The tantra meditation is done to help people attain their goals. However, when you do tantra meditation or you select a tantric then you should do a good background check. Tantra meditation is very strong and if the tantric wants they can also create a lot of trouble. Tantra meditation is indeed Indian black magic that has been practiced for generation. It is a body of knowledge a skill that required years to master.

We don’t know how many will learn the Tantra meditation now. Most of the tantric prefer not to get married as a result they don’t have a legacy to continue this knowledge, neither do they prefer to teach it outside their circle, which is hardly any, as they live secluded lives mostly. We just hope that people continue to learn the tantra meditation and the knowledge is not lost forever. After all tantra meditation is a very important part of our traditions.

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