Spiritual Energy: Power Of Blessings & Curse

Spiritual Energy: Power Of Blessings & Curse

In this article related to spiritual energy and the power of blessings, we will try to understand a common yet commonly misunderstood topic, especially in context of the modern and younger generation. Actually it so happens that in the current intellectual age, we do not tend to accept things which dont seem to have any reason or logic behind it. Though this is a good thing in many ways, still sometimes too much doubt leads to lack of faith, which is one of the mainstays of human existence.

Reason vs Faith

Of course we are not trying to say that you just have blind faith in each and everything, but only mean to say that some of the old traditions and customs, rather many of them, are based on scientific facts and logic even though we do not directly perceive the underlying reasons.

One such misunderstood concept especially in the western world is the power of blessings. In the oriental lands, people accept this more readily since it has been in their culture for thousands of years but in the developed world, this is considered as perhaps outdated.

Power of blessings

Power of blessings

Do you know why you should respect people who are spiritual and take their blessings and even your elders, especially parents. Of course we all know this as this has been probably taught to us since our school days in the moral science class but this is much more than just good manners or a routine custom to be followed.

Power Of The Mind

Before going deeper into this subject matter, you would need to understand that at the most subtle level it is the same universal energy which is permeating all existence. If this seems like a fairy tale or fable to you, just ask any scientist and they will tell you that yes, at the smallest possible scale, all matter, dead or alive is just made of atoms and their sub divisions and at levels finer than that, these subatomic particles equate to nothing but vibrating energy. Hence you dont need to be a overly learned scientist to at least grasp this concept broadly.

Thought as Energy

The metaphysics scientist goes beyond this and says that even thoughts are a part of this universal pool and every person permeates or radiates energy in the form of thoughts. Even if you cannot grasp or understand this you will certainly have experience the different types of feelings we get by simply being in the presence of some kind of people or some kind of environment.

So having established that the sea of energy permeates all beings, it does effect everyone in a good or bad way. Take the example of light energy; it can manifest in the form of visible light and help everyone see the world around them, yet the same energy in more dense form or x-rays can penetrate and see beyond the skin, while at higher levels of concentration it can also cause damage.

The Energy Field

Similarly energy of any kind can effect the energy field of the other individual and have a good or bad effect. When the mind is very happy and permeates good will and positive energy, the other person gets affected in a good way since his or her energy field gets affected by the same. If a person is very happy and tells some words from the heart, these words carry the positive energy with them and this is nothing but a blessing or ashirwad as called in the ancient scriptures.

In the same way, the negative energy which is generated as a result of wrong actions or hurting anyone’s mind, that affects the person in a negative manner and that was known as curve or shraap in ancient stories.

Curse and Blessing

The extent or manner in which a blessing or a curse could materialize depends mainly on how strong and focussed that energy is. A Saint or a spiritual personality would emit that energy in a very forceful manner and hence it will have very good and positive results and this is the reason why people can even stand in queues for hours, or roam around in dark deep jungles just to get a glimpse of the real Sadhu.

When a person is extremely angry or his/her mind is too much distressed or pained as a result of any of your actions, the energy that such a focussed mind will emit will act thousand times more deadly that an arrow shot with poison at the arrowhead. That is the reason it is said never to hurt anyone deliberately, especially the ones who are not having as much power and strength as yourself. For one who cannot retaliate in person will do it with the mind, and that is equally disastrous and intangible than any physical damage that could be done.

A Simple Exercise

We will tell you a very simple exercise which can help you focus your mind. We had an article on the benefits of tratak which you can read to get more info. Basically after practicing tratak, you can do this experiment. But it is simple in the sense that it does not require any equipment or special conditions except a focussed mind, so is not that simple from that perspective.

After finishing with the tratak, just sit silently and focus your mind on some small thing, like say just try to say to a friend (mentally) to call you up (you can do any activity this is just an example but only do good deeds or you will generate heavy bad karmas in your account if you use this for mischief)

But dont just mentally repeat like a parrot, just try to feel whatever you are saying from the depth of your heart so that it becomes your entire being. Dont let any other thought cross the mind. There would come a moment during this time when the instructions are you are giving will become a real experience in your mind just as your other worldly real experiences but you will only do it mentally dont actually shout it aloud

If you do this experiment correctly you will see that you actually achieved what you intended to do. This happens because the energy from your being is permeated to the concerned person and presses the right buttons, so to speak, over the other side.

So you finally must have understood the concept of spiritual energy and the power of blessings (and curses) and now consider the real reasons behind all these concepts and not label them as dry moral science any more.

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