How To Deal With Exam Stress Through Meditation?

How To Deal With Exam Stress Through Meditation?

Before delving into the topic of dealing with exam stress through meditation, let us first consider the background of this subject. Today we have a highly competitive environment and hence every student wants to give his or her best performance. This leads to over exertion and stress during exam times and this is a big concern for the students across the world. The study pressure on the students is very high as a result they are pressurized to perform.

Exam Stress - Meditation

Exam Stress – Meditation

Who is Responsible?

The parents and the teachers both are responsible for this undue pressure. Every year, many students across the world commit suicide and many get depression treatments as they are not able to deal with the pressure. The students must be given an opportunity to perform in a healthy competition. We will now discuss how exam stress can be dealt through meditation. It can be extremely helpful to the students. Meditation can be taught to students and it can help them reduce stress and study pressure. With the result, they can perform better than before.

Dealing with Exam Stress via Meditation

Many teachers, psychologists and doctors know how meditation can help students perform better. Any child who is around twelve years can be introduced to meditation. All that you as a parent need to do is get them a class/session where they can learn how to meditate. Children have a very inquisitive and sharp mind and they can easily grasp and learn new things. This is exactly why early exposure to meditation can be most advantageous in making them good at it.

The Biggest Fear

Examination is a big fear for many students. This is because they feel they are going to be judged on their performance and it will decide their future. They are scared of how their parents and teachers will react to their result outcome. We know exams are important. The children must know that education is important and it is required to become successful in life. They must be disciplined and study regularly. Yet it is equally true that stress reduces efficiency and only helps in lowering performance.

The Stick Method?

A child’s mind is very active and dynamic. It cannot stay on one thing for long.¬† If they feel that something is boring then they will not get into it again. If a child is forced to study, he or she may soon start disliking it. If the teachers scold or punish them for not giving a right answer, it makes them more in-disciplined and rebellious. We cannot change the way education system is. We can only ensure that we make our children understand the value of knowledge and concentrate on studies. This is easy through meditation.

Benefits of Meditation

In meditation, a child learns to focus on a particular object longer than it is capable of. As it learns to concentrate for a longer duration it is able to do the same in all activities including studies. As the concentration develops, their ability to understand and remember what they are studying also increases and hence the performance.

It has been noticed that even an average student who meditates regularly can become sharper and a better performer.  Meditation improves the quality of sleep in children. A good sleep improves the memory and also makes the mind sharper. This is one reason why students who meditate, sleep well  even before exams and are less stressed.

Some may argue that intelligence is something we are born with or how can intelligence change with meditation? Well it has been proved scientifically by the study of brain scans of people who meditate regularly that such brains have higher number of actions and can think faster, remember more and process the data quickly.

Meditation also makes the brain more organised. When you meditate you can manage your life and activities more. You no longer think about matters that interrupt or obstruct your growth in any field of learning. You do not waste your energy is doing things that will not get you any results.

When children meditate, they feel more relaxed. Mental calm and serenity is gained. A fresh and relaxed mind can perform better. Fear of studies/exams is replaced by an overwhelming confidence which prepares them in the face of any situation that may arise now or later in life.

Points to Remember

Parents need to remember some points here. Besides arranging best schools, colleges, tutors or classes, it is their duty to see whether the child is growing in his/her understanding of life as well. How often they talk to the child or hug them. How can they become a role model for them. It has been studied that when families meditate together, they grow together and remain together. The best motivation for a child to meditate is when its parents do it along. Even if the exam is near and the study pressure is high, the parents must ensure and encourage the child to meditate. A small clean and silent space or room is all what is required. Ensure that 1, you find for the child, a good school to learn basic steps of meditation, (2) the child should meditate at a fixed time (preferably), (3) the duration of meditation must be maintained, (4) the child should be comfortable and not be distracted by anything when they are doing meditation.

Studies and Meditation

I may clarify there that meditation is an aid to study, not an alternative. So the more focused you are through increased concentration via meditation, the better you will be able to understand, absorb and retain knowledge, which is a pre-requisite for any examination. So nowhere it is intended that students should not study but only keep meditating. I wish all schools and colleges had separate rooms for the students to sit quietly and meditate.

Note from Metaphysics Team: The author is having years of experience teaching Yoga and it is an honour to have Mr Trikha as a guest contributor. Keep a lookout for the Yoga Lessons series coming up on our website soon by the esteemed contributor.

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