Prediction For Future

Prediction For Future
Prediction For Future

Prediction For Future

Prediction is the art of seeing something even before it happens. For years we have heard that there are people who can see the future. For example Nostradamus he had seen what will happen on earth thousands of years before the even actually happened. However, we all are interested in knowing what will happen in our lives few years from now. Will we be able to buy a dream house, will we have children, etc. This is a common tendency. If only we know what will happen in the future can we control it. This quest for man to know the future has given way to many fields of study that we will be discussing now in this article.

Some say that it is better that the future remains unknown. This is how god always wanted it to be. Even if we can see the future we will not be able to change it perhaps then why should we know it at all. Whatever is destined will happen no force can stop it. Well may be true. Nevertheless, there is another school of thought that says if you know what future has in store then you can plan your life accordingly. For example if you see that you might meet with an accident while driving then you should ensure that you don’t drive alone or at night.

The most popular way of seeing the future and predicting it is the science of palmistry. In this the astrologers read the palm of the person and predict their future. There are many lines on our palms that say a volume about our today and tomorrow. All that you need to do is show your palm to an expert. They can tell you everything from when you will get married to how many children you will have. They can also tell you what stones you should wear in order to improve your luck.

Astrological predictions can also be done by reading your horoscopes. Horoscopes are prepared at the birth of a child as per the time the baby was born in. The family astrologer reads these horoscopes and predicts the future of the child. As the child grows the horoscope is consulted from time to time to predict the future of the child better. The horoscopes clearly state what the strong planets are and which are not. When a person should get married or start a new business. These horoscopes tell all about the good and bad times that will come in someone’s life. However, we must mention here that if you don’t have the correct time and if you don’t visit a good astrologer you will not be able to get the correct guidance.

Another interesting and very popular way of predicting ones future is by tarot card reading. These are read by tarot card experts. Tarot cards look like normal playing cards but they are generally a little bigger. Each card signifies something like death, peace, success, etc. Only the tarot card reader can tell you the actual meaning. All you need to do is select three cards and the tarot card reader will tell you what the future has in store.

The crystal ball reading too is a very popular method that is used to see the future. This is not a very Indian concept. It was initially started by the gypsies. The crystal ball is used by the crystal ball reader who gets into a trance. In this trance whatever question you ask him or her they give you the answer to it.

Reading the lines on the forehead of a person or by using simple face reading techniques many experts can predict the future of the person. There is also a technique of reading the lines on your feet. It is not a very popular method of seeing the future and only very few can do it. Another method that is slowly becoming very popular is the coffee beans. In this the astrologer gives a cup of coffee to the client. After the coffee is over the client can ask three questions. Based on the lines that are formed in the cup the astrologer can predict the future of the client.

These are perhaps the methods that are generally used. There are many more that we cannot write in one article. Each country and each culture has a different way of seeing the future. Some people belive in it completely and some not that strongly. However, there have been incidents in the past that has proved how well we can see the future. We would recommend that you meet a good and learned person who can see the future. Each of the methods that we have mentioned has a different price that is charged as per the experience and capacity of the person who is seeing the future. Do select any one of these methods mentioned and don’t try to adopt all.

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