Persistence and Success: Sri Paramhansa Yogananda Ji

Persistence and Success: Sri Paramhansa Yogananda Ji

Metaphysics Knowledge wishes A Very Happy Birthday to Yoga Guru Sri Sri Paramhansa Yogananda Ji – Founder YSS, India and SRF, USA.

He was one of the pioneers in spreading the message of yoga to the west. A few lines dedicated to his persona

It is rare that a saint of his stature walks among us on this earth

It is for the redemption of all souls that such beings take birth

Life of such persons is a lesson to learn and follow for us all

It is only by following and practicing them, we can stand tall

His love for his country echoed in His poem which He wrote

His sayings were so wise, that each one of them is a quote

All this even you can achieve if you follow what He did preach

Just follow step by step, what was written and what He did teach

Self realization will come to you if you walk slow and steady

One day you will find that to receive the bliss you are ready

Persistence is necessary in worldly matters and in spiritual quest

Your mind will revolt when you start, it will surely detest

For it is difficult to control the mind, even beyond controlling others

Keep calm and keep on moving, consider all as your sisters and brothers

Let us vow on this day that we will try to seek and search within

Only then can we keep moving through all phases, thick or thin

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