Politics from Metaphysical Viewpoint

Politics from Metaphysical Viewpoint

Whereas the basis of politics should be to serve the society in best possible way

It has become just a tool to get position and power, such has it gone astray

There is no relationship, even the most pious ones are put at stake for power seat

Instead of the warmth in relationships, there is hatred, fear, distrust and heat

What is the use of such immense wealth and power when there are no values at all

When was it the last time when some leader exhibited morality and stood very tall

These days it is just how to grab power, let all relationships and morals just goto hell

Rise o you politicians, so that the future generations have some good tales to tell

It is the law of karma that you shall fall by the same sword that you have used for others

How can you expect loyalty from your own clan, when you caused fight among brothers

I am not against this particular leader, for they also have a great good in them and skill

It is just that the era of kaliyuga is such that no one can just sit around and have a chill

Politics has been marred by secret plans, backstabbing, ego and many negative vibes

Better were the people who sorted out their differences and just lived in simple tribes

What use is the modern technology when it cannot find a way to close the hearts gap

Is all this development acting as an allure and a very attractive and costly deadly trap

Let us revisit our systems and let us cleanse everything but how is that going to be done

There is only one way, that is to look within so that all confusion goes without any gun

The way is pretty simple, if everyone of us started to change for the better from within

Then this would be a much nicer world, and there would be love through all thick and thin

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