Palmistry Worry Lines

Being able to read the lines on a person’s palm has been considered a way of making a person’s future prediction of different things that may happen. The lines on the palm are associated with different prediction from health, happiness, long life and even worry lines can be studied to determine the amount of worries as well as the cause and treatment just by observing the worry lines on a person’s palm or fore head.

Reading and predictions are made using three main forms namely lines mounts and shapes, which will be displayed in picture form below to show a clear definition of each line and its association with the body in palmistry:-


Heart lines


  • Long Line: Idealistic and  dependent on their  partner
  • Short Line: Self-centered individuals
  • Deep Line: individuals facing a Stressful life
  • Faint Line: Sensitive Natured and a meek or Weak Hearted individual
  • Straight Line: Intense Feeling and attachment
  • Curved Line: Intellectual Bent
  • Broken Line: individual faces Troubled relationships
  • Chained Line: Intertwined or mixed  relationships
  • Forked Line: Heartbreak, Divorce
  • Absent Line: Ruthlessness or logical rules of the heart


Head line

 Long Line: Ambitious individuals

  • Short Line: Intelligent and imaginative
  • Deep Line: Excellent Memory
  • Faint Line: Poor Memory
  • Straight Line: Materialistic
  • Broken Line: Disappointing
  • Chained Line: Confusion
  • Forked Line: instability or Career Change
  • Double Line: Talented and Inspired easily
  • Absent Line: Lazy, Mentally  unbalanced

life line

  • Long Line: Good Health
  • Short Line: believed to mean a short life. If short, look closer to other signs broken, deep, faint, etc.
  • Deep Line: Smooth Life
  • Faint Line: lacking  energy, zeal
  • Broken Line: Struggle and Losses
    • Chained Line: Multiple paths followed through life
    • Forked Line: forks indicate diversion or life change, scattered or split energies.
    • Double Line: Good partnership with Soul Mate or someone close like friend, family member, guardian, or caretaker.


 Fate line

  • Absent Line: Preplanned Life
  • Deep Line: Inheritance
  • Faint Line: Failures or disappointments
  • Forked Line: Conflict
  • Jagged Line: Struggle and indecisiveness through life
  • Broken Line: Trauma, Difficult situations
  • Chained Line: mixed highs and lows though ones life

Fame line

Fame line determines an individual’s fate and destiny by showing  brilliance and artistic ability enhancing purpose in life..

 Love lines

 Love lines indicate the number of important relationships in one’s lifetime. It may be easier to see the lines after bending your pinky finger toward the palm to see the line clearer.


 Children lines


Children lines indicate the births that will result from a relationship


 Intuition line

  The clearer the line appears indicated the stronger psychic ability promoting dominance in the characteristic of the person. Intuition lines are not easy to detect, and may not be there altogether.


 Health line

 Health lines indicate the intensity of health related issues thus meaning absence of the health line means the person may not have serious health related problems.

 Bracelet lines

 Commonly found as two or three bracelets but some individuals may have only one bracelet, or even four or more. Bracelets indicate length of life in more for longer life, broken bracelets indicate health related issues.

 Travel lines


Travel lines indicate travelling and the desire to travel.


 Girdle and Venus

 These lines appear on hands of individuals who are extra sensitive, it can indicate a desire to be shielded or create a emotional boundary.

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