Palmistry Signs On Mount of Saturn

Palmistry Signs On Mount of Saturn

We learnt about the basics of Mount of Saturn in the previous article, now let us continue with that further in our palm reading guide series. Basically in this article the previous article has been extended to include the basic meaning of some of the commonly found shapes and signs on the Mount of Saturn. Please note that for a detailed investigation you better consult a learned and knowledgeable palm reader. Sometimes many things have to be interconnected to find real meaning, so no use worrying yourself if you feel that some sign is not good as per this guide.

Star on Mount of Saturn

A star like symbol on any mount is considered a good symbol so is the case with the mount of Saturn. It brings success and recognition. On the other hand it can also a lot of opposition from the enemies can be expected. A cross on this mount may mean childlessness and problems in conceiving.

Palmistry Signs on Mount of Saturn

Palmistry Signs on Mount of Saturn

Also a lot of accidents in life that can even lead to grave consequences like paralysis and loss of limbs.

Circle on Mount of Saturn

This mount sometimes may have a circle on it. When you see a circle you must know that the person will achieve a great height or perhaps the zenith in the field of meditation and concentration.

These people make it very big in yoga and also in other fields that need a lot of concentration.

Square Pattern

A square like pattern formed by crossing of four lines would make the person suffer from misfortune.

Star within Square

A very unique pattern that you can find on this mount is a square with a star within it symbolizes escape from assassinations. It is a very rare sign and cannot be found often in the palms. Perhaps one in a million would have this sign.

Triangle Sign

This mount can also be found with a triangle. If you see one then it means that the person will have a special knowledge of occult sciences and inclinations towards it might not be considered to be a good sign. This aptitude again is rare and cannot be found very easily.

Capillary Cross Line

A capillary cross line may mean that the person will suffer from a wound in the breast. A spot is never considered a good sign. This may mean that the person will suffer from some evil possibilities and bad luck.

Fate Line Across Mount of Saturn: A Murderer?

In palmistry there have been some palms found that have the fate line cross the mount of Saturn and enter the middle figure. This is a very rare happening and may indicate that the person will have a murderous tendency and face assassination as a result of it.

Red Dots

This mount may appear with red dots these will protect the person from fire and any dangers to do with fire. It is interesting that this mount of Saturn can also appear with symbols of other planets like Jupiter which means that the person will gain fame through philosophy.

Planet Signs on Mount of Saturn

Symbol of Saturn on this mount may increase the fascination of the person towards occult and other mysteries. A sign of sun on this mount may increase ones love for language and use of good language comes to them naturally.

The sign of Mercury would increase ones aptitude in Maths and astronomy making them successful astronauts and mathematicians. A sign of moon on this mount may increase insanity in a person and make them serial killers.

The sign of Venus on this mount would make the person more passionate about the other sex and make them very over obsessive about the same. These are the details and the meanings of some symbols and patterns that you can find on the mount of Saturn. You might sometime find a combination of all these or just one of them.

Health Concerns

The mount if very prominent and with a lot of lines on it shows nervous nature. There are quite a few health concerns that can be associated with this mount of Saturn. This may also lead to trouble with legs and dental problems. They can also suffer from blood pressure and ear problems. They are prone to accidents and fractures especially in the leg region. Some people who have under developed mount of Saturn like melancholy and can even commit suicide. This is perhaps the only mount which is better missing than under developed.

This is an all informative write up on the mount of Saturn. We have tried to cover all the interesting and the points that you must know about the mount of Saturn so that you can understand your problems and find the solution too. You can consult a good astrologer and they will definitely help you to sort out the problems that you are facing with this mount.

It is interesting how this small mount can make such a significance difference in our life and luck. It is also called as the god of good luck as the fate line ends in this mount. This mount can make a huge difference in our lives and with regular consultation with astrologers you can make it more favourable.

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