Mounts In Palmistry

There are several Mounts that appear on the palm of the hand. The Mounts have been named after the planets and special features of the planets are revealed in each of the corresponding Mounts.
The Mount of Jupiter  is located  at the base of the index finger which is right above the Mount of Mars. Persons with a prominent Mount of Jupiter possess godly qualities and are very much religious. They are academically inclined and are always prepared to help others.
The Mount of Saturn is located at the base of the middle finger also known as the finger of Saturn. The formation of this Mount on the palm of the hand signifies extra-ordinary talents or tendencies. The development of the Mount of Saturn on the palm indicates honesty, modesty and they enjoy solitude.
Mount of Sun
The Mount Sun is also known as the Mount of Apollo. This Mount is located at the base of the finger of Apollo (ring finger), at the upper part of the heart line. This Mount indicates the success of the individual in life overall.
Mount of Mercury
The Mount of Mercury is located at the base of the finger of Mercury, which is the little finger. This area of the palm is associated with that part of the brain which determines the prosperity and the degree of expression of a person. The significance of this Mount shows materialistic wealth and affluence.
Mount of Venus
The Mount of Venus is located at the base of the thumb and the life line. Theoretically in palmistry persons with a prominent Mount of Venus, is said to be fully equipped to understand and appreciate the world around them. Those who have the Mount on their palms are said to be civilized, beautiful in appearance and command a great deal of respect.
Mount of Mars
There are two Mounts of Mars that appear on the palm.  They are known as the Progressive Mars and the Regressive Mars. The Mount of Mars is mainly indicates the aggressiveness of a person.
Mount of Moon
The Mount of Moon is also known as the Mount of Luna. It is located at the base of the palm, opposite the Mount of Venus. This indicated a person imagination, idealism even his romantic nature. The presence of this Mount on the palm indicates that the person is not only imaginative, but emotional and a lover of nature.

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