Air Hand

Chirognomy refers to the study of the hands. It includes the studying the size, shape, texture and even the colour of the palm.  The four types of hands make reference to the four elements, air, earth, fire and water.

The Air hand, the palm is usually square or rectangular in shape with long narrow fingers which is often viewed as graceful hands. The knuckles are at times protruding and the hand itself may seem dry. The length of the palm from the wrist to the bottom of the fingers is usually the same length of the digits. The lines on the palm tend to be thin, in abundance, clearly marked and the prints are usually in loops.

Those who have the Air hands are considered to be the intellectual and sociable type. They are usually jittery and thrive on this nervousness and are quite susceptible to worry and stress. They are however energetic and active.

The Air type of hand usually finds themselves bored with tasks that are too easy, and that do not stimulate them enough. They are the type who talk, think and walk fast, hence keeping them constantly stimulated is very important.

Air hands are communicators and usually perform well in jobs that are people oriented and they make great companions. They also enjoy reading and writing, and has a mind which has the ability to retain and mange detailed pieces of information. Air hands make great career on television or radio, even teaching may be an option.

Air hand type tends to be critical and may seem detached and impersonal. They at times alienate themselves from others around them. As lovers, the air hand looks firstly for a mate that will stimulate them intellectually while everything else will fall into its place later.

In terms of illnesses which are usually experience by the Air hands in that of nervous tension and of lung disorders.

The Astrologically Air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

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