Kumbh Mela 2013

Kumbh Mela 2013
kumbh mela 2013

Naga Sadhu

I am sure you all must have heard about the very famous Kumbh Mela.  We in this article will discuss about the Kumbh mela 2013.

Before we discuss any further let us understand what the Kumbh mela is all about and how did it start at the first place. The epics and Hindu scriptures hold Kumbh with great value. It is said that the sun raises here first.

It was the place where universe started. Brahma who is considered to be the creator of the universe started the process of creating the universe here. He performed ashwamedh yagya at the dashashmedh ghat and started the process. The dashashmedh ghat and a temple of Braham are still present in this area. This is the ghat where the saints and all those who visit the Kumbh Mela take a dip. The temple of Brahma is called Brahmeshwar.

Kumbh means a pitcher or a kalash. The kalash hold very high significance in the Hindu culture. Each part of the kalash signifies something. The mouth of the kalash is representing Vishnu, the neck represents Rudra or Shiva and the base represents Brahma. It is said that in the centre of the kalash that all the gods stay. It also contains all the oceans and the vedas. This is exactly why you will often find saints carry the kalash. The kumbh is very closely associated with our culture and tradition. Almost every house will have a kumbh. A kumbh or kalash is used in all religious activities and ceremonies too.

The Kumbh mela happens in Haridwar, Nasik and in Ujjain. However, the most prominent of all the three is the one that happens in Allahabad. Allahabad is the modern name of Prayag. This is why this kumbh mela is also called the Prayag kumbh too.

This is because it happens once in twelve years. It is at Haridwar in Allahabad that this kumbh mela is celebrated. Here you can find the three rivers namely Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati coming together and making a sangam. This is exactly why a dip in these waters is considered to be so significant from the religious point of view.

The word mela means a fair. Every year a fair is also arranged this is exactly why it is called the kumbh mela.  The Kumbh Mela is a grand affair. A huge number of devotees and saints go to the Kumbh Mela. Even celebrities and business personalities ensure that they visit the Kumbh Mela for sure. All travel agencies make special packaged tours for the auspicious Kumbh Mela as there is a huge demand to visit it. Even foreigners and photographers ensure that they visit this unique kaleidoscope of Hindu culture. The security arrangements are huge. Lots of police are assigned duty at the Kumbh Mela to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

We will now discuss in details about the Kumbh Mela of 2013. The Kumbh Mela started on 14th January 2013. This is the day when India celebrates Makar Sankranti. The festival will go on for fifty five days. The last day will be on tenth March 2013. The estimated figures say that about two hundred lakh people are expected to be in the Kumbh Mela. These figures are prepared by analysing the past records. The numbers are phenomenal.

The maximum turnover is expected to be on the Mauni Amavasya that is on tenth February 2013. About two thousand hectare of area has been allotted for the Kumbh Mela. About twelve thousand policemen have been put on duty. Even the paramilitary personnel have been put on duty at the Kumbh Mela 2013. There are about eighty five CCTV cameras that have been installed all over the mela. About fifty fire stations have been told to be prepared for the Kumbh mela 2013. The central and the state governments want to ensure that they don’t leave any scope for error or mistake.

Provisions have been made so that about eighty thousand kilo litres of water is supplied to the Kumbh mela. The power consumed is expected to be about thirty Mva. The same have been arranged for by the organisers.

Apart from the basic infrastructure there have been special arrangements made for the health and the sanitation of all those who are visiting the Kumbh mela 2013. About forty hospitals have been arranged in the venue itself. They are offering all treatments from allopathic to Aurvedic.  There are about four hundred beds in the Kumbh mela 2013 area. A number of toilets have been built for the visitors. There have been made arrangements for regular supply of food grains, milk and oil.

Regular buses and trains have been started for Allahabad. Even some additional flights have been arranged so that the devotees can visit this huge panorama of Indian culture. The organisers have also started an official website for all those who want to know more about the Kumbh mela 2013. In case you want to visit the Kumbh mela 2013 you can check the information given in the site. Many popular travel channels like make my trip, yatra, etc are arranging packaged tours for the Kumbh mela 2013. You can check these and plan your trip accordingly.

It is said that a dip in the waters at the kumbh mela can set you free from all the sins that you have ever committed. The devotees who go there do heavy donations to the poor. Some of them even donate cows. Many celebrities ensure that they visit the kumbh mela. This year Shilpa Shetty has paid visit with her mother. As the days proceed more and more celebrities are expected to be reaching the maha Kumbh mela 2013.

We would recommend all to visit this unique mela. Apart from religious significance you must do it to get an experience of a life time. You will see all sorts of Indians and foreigners there. People speaking different languages and wearing different clothes can be easily spotted here. This is perhaps the only place in India where you can feel the spirit of national integration the best. It is strange that even after centuries have passed people still go to the Kumbh mela and perhaps they will continue to. The statistics clearly state that the number of visitors have only increased in the last few years. Some of the saints and hermits who visit the kumbh mela also come from the mighty Himalayas. They come all the way to just take a dip in the waters of the Kumbh. Some of them stay there for the whole fifty five days.

If you want you can visit the Kumbh mela 2013 for few days and come back. You don’t need to worry about the facilities and the connectivity as we have already discussed the arrangements that have been done. Ensure that you plan your travel well and consult an expert. This will ensure that you don’t get misguided. Many people have heard a lot of stories about the Kumbh mela so they want to avoid it. Well let us assure you that the situation is not that bad. You can also see the extensive media coverage and the publicity that the Kumbh mela 2013 is been given. There is absolutely nothing to worry. So what have you decided?

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