Kapal Bhati Benefits Explained In Detail

Kapal Bhati Benefits Explained In Detail

Yoga an ancient science that developed in India is a science and at the same time is a milestone in medicine. It is unbelievable that how it has cures to diseases like cancer and aids. We all know the benefits of yoga. Even the western world is slowly appreciating the benefits of this. In this articles we will learn about kapal bhati benefits, which is a sub part of the yoga system.

Many celebrities across the world follow yoga on a daily basis to attain good health and peace of mind. It is not possible to list all the yogas and their respective benefits in one article so we have decided to select one that is called the kapal bhati pranayam. There are many benefits of this particular yoga. We will tell you how it is done and what the advantages of practicing the same are.

Kapal bhati is a breathing exercise. It improves the oxygen flow in the body of the person. It is a simple breathing exercise. As we all are aware oxygen is very important for the proper functioning of all the body parts. By doing this exercise you will be increasing the supply of oxygen to all parts of the body. It is beneficial for the lungs and the respiratory organs.

It can remove the toxins from the body and make the body pure and healthy. It can be useful in any form of diseases and can also improve the mental health of the person. This yoga is highly recommended for any respiratory problems and also for stomach and liver related diseases.

This is especially suggested for asthma as it improves the capacity of lungs to hold oxygen. It improves the flow of oxygen to the brains as a result the brain cells work better and improves the ability to concentrate and the memory power too. It helps to maintain the blood pressure levels as it ensures that the right amount of blood is supplied to the heart.

There by reducing the possibility of heart attack and stroke to a great extent. Not only are these there many more advantages of Kapal bhati pranayam. It can reduce the obesity of the people who practice it regularly. It can also prove beneficial for hair loss, sinus and constipation. These are all proved scientifically by the renowned scientists too.

The doctors also claim that the regular practice of Kapal bhati pranayam can help to improve the mental strength and remove emotional blockages. In today’s stressful life we often feel the need for mental peace and strength. That we can only obtain by practicing kapal bhati. This thereby leads to mental peace and reduction in stress. This can also improve the glow on your skin and make your face look fresh. This is so as it leads to purification of the blood. When done regularly it can improve the energy levels and also give more strength to the body.

The flow of blood when increases lead to a lot of more advantages than the ones listed above. It is recommended for all those who have joint pains. When one practices Kapal bhati pranayam they automatically improve the flow of blood to joints and muscles as a result the pain in this part of the body reduces. If done well it can make the posture of the body better and make it more flexible especially at the joints. Thereby it reduces joint pains. This proves well that if done well this yoga can reduce the need of many medicines and surgeries. Even the doctors recommend these to their patients.

You can join a local yoga class to understand how exactly this needs to be done. Especially if you have a health disorder you must learn it from a teacher. We say so cause the yoga is rigorous. You can learn it from the internet and also by reading books but please avoid doing all this. Always get the instruction from some teacher and once you have learned it you can do it on your own in your house. For a beginner the number of minutes you do this should be equal to your age. If you are a thirty year old do it for half an hour and increase it accordingly. There is no age from when you can start doing this. Even children can do it to increase concentration.

As a first step sit straight with your chin up. If possible sit in padmasan with crossed legs. Close your eyes. Place your hand on your knees with the tip of the index finger and the tip of the thumb meeting. This is called the gyan mudra. Now inhale slowly with your nose and then exhale. Concentrate on the breathing process alone. Don’t think of anything else. The mind should be free. Do this ten times at one go. You can repeat this about five times. This might sound simple but believe me it actually is not that simple. You need expertise and guidance to do it well.

There are some symptoms that if you experience then you should immediately stop doing this yoga. These are some of the points that you must positively keep in mind. If you are learning the Kapal bhati from a guru then you must inform them too of the same. If you feel dizzy and suffocation while doing this yoga you must immediately stop. It should not be done by those who have ulcer and also gastric problems. We did say that this yoga is good for heart.

However, if you had a stroke in the past and if you by any chance have very high blood pressure then you must not do this yoga at any cost until and unless advised by someone. This can be very dangerous. Even in pregnancy this should be done only if the doctor advises. It can lead to complication in some pregnancies. Yoga is said to be safer than many other forms of medical treatment that is known to us. Still we would recommend that you keep these words of caution in mind.

In today’s world many yoga gurus teach this yoga to their followers. Baba Ramdev is one of the prominent names that come to our mind when we discuss Kapal bhati pranayam. These are shown on TV too but before you follow them and start learning this yoga do consult a doctor or a physician to understand if you can do this rigorous form of yoga.

Kapal bhati benefits as listed are many but you must learn it from someone who is well learned in the same. If you don’t find the right guru it might not be easy to learn this yoga. Happy learning the best yoga of all times!

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