How to know if anyone has done vashikaran on you or a family member?

How to know if anyone has done vashikaran on you or a family member?

Vashikaran is a form of black magic that has been very popular in Asia since a long time. Vashikaran means to take control over someone. What happens in Vashikaran is a black magic is spelled on a person as a result the person comes under the full control of the person who did the magic on him or her.

Is it true?

Vashikaran is used by outsiders on a family and sometimes it can also be done by one member of the family on the other. There was a time when Vashikaran was very popular in India but there are two aspects to it. Firstly a person can do genuine vashikaran through psychic powers and secondly people loot others in name of removing vashikaran. Only few magicians who are very good at their job can actually apply the Vashikaran mantra on another person.

Why was Vashikaran done?

For example if a person has more than one wife and one of his wives want him to do as she wants then she can do the Vashikaran on her husband. Vashikaran was very popular among lovers. For example a boy loves a girl but the girl shows no interest in him then he could try the Vashikaran mantra to ensure that she starts to like him.

These are simple examples where Vashikaran can be used. On the other hand Vashikaran can be used with more serious intentions too. It is said that Vashikaran can be so powerful that you can actually use it to harm another person in such a way that the damage cannot be undone.

So Vashikaran is basically controlling the mind and the body of another person to ensure that he or she does just exactly the way you want. Vashikaran is actually possible and it is practiced even today. In the rural areas especially you will hear more instances and cases of Vashikaran than you do in cities. This may be possible because in the rural areas people believe in these things more and sometimes the belief also acts to magnify the effects as you have seen in our post regarding the science behind superstition.

The procedure of vashikaran

How is Vashikaran done is actually very interesting. It is said that the hair or something that belongs to the person is required to do Vashikaran in order to ensure that the black magic works well and gets the results that you want.

Once you get something that belonged to the person you should take it to the black magician. This is exactly why in India it is said that you should not throw your hair here and there. Hair can be easily used for Vashikaran.

The black magician would do the rituals and then either give a drink or a food item that must be given to the person to ensure that the Vashikaran starts to work. Sometimes lemon is also used. One must ensure that this lemon is stepped on by the person who he or she wants to control.

Once that is done the Vashikaran starts to work. One you do this the Vashikaran will start to work slowly. Sometimes especially in a man and woman relationship blood is mixed in the food to ensure that the Vashikaran continues.

The effects and reaction

Vashikaran is a powerful magic it can make the victim to exactly the way the person wants. It can physically as well as mentally damage the victim. However, one point that must be told here is that Vashikaran is not a good thing to do. It can have a very bad impact on the person who is actually doing the Vashikaran and the law of karma ensures that the person suffers like the victim did sooner or later.

Even the black magician will tell you that Vashikaran is actually going against the law of nature and trying to do something that were actually not supposed to happen. This is exactly why it can be have very bad impact on those who are actually doing the Vashikaran.

Our suggestion

We will definitely recommend our readers not to try Vashikaran on anyone. However, if someone had done Vashikaran on you or your family you must know how to deal with it. To deal with Vashikaran first you have to accept that Vashikaran can actually happen and you can become a victim of Vashikaran quite easily.

How to manage vashikaran?

The second thing that you must know is that Vashikaran can be dealt with and it can be handled with help from people who know how to manage Vashikaran. Before you try to get rid of Vashikaran you must be in a position to understand that you are a victim of Vashikaran yourself.

Tell tale signs

So how do you know if Vashikaran has been done on anyone in your family? You will notice that the person who has been targeted with Vashikaran will actually show a sudden change in nature and will start to do things that he or she would never do otherwise.For example if the person was very obedient will all of a sudden become a rebel.

Another important point is that the person under Vashikaran might start to develop an aversion for God. For example if you tell the person to enter the puja room or go to the temple with you they will simply try to avoid the whole thing. They will start to argue on small things and the atmosphere of the house will suffer.

You will also notice that the person will complain of lack of sleep and will become restless all of a sudden. They will not show any interest in eating. They will simply be sitting quietly and doing nothing.

These symptoms can also be of a medical problem so the first step would be to take the person do a doctor. See if the medication is working. If you feel that the medication is not giving any results and the same condition is just getting continued then it is time to try something else.

The object

If a Vashikaran is done then there must be something that will be placed either under the pillow of the person or somewhere in the bedroom of the person or in any room where the person spends a lot of time. Ensure that you properly check all the things that belong to the person and if you find anything suspicious then do not touch it just leave it as it is and go inform the priest whom you are planning to consult in order to get rid of the Vashikaran.

Do not tell about it to the person you are suspecting to be under the influence of Vashikaran. Try to keep it to yourself as much as possible because you never know who actually did the Vashikaran. It could be done by someone very close to you and your family and as soon as you start to suspect Vashikaran the person might get scared and do something that can make things worse for you.

If you feel that someone in your family is under the influence of Vashikaran you must not leave them alone and make them meet a priest. A priest will be able to look at a person and can tell you immediately if the person is under the influence of Vashikaran. . If the priest feels that the person is under the influence of Vashikaran they will suggest remedies to you that you can use to ensure that the black magic leaves.

Tell the priest to come home and do the puja. Puja can always work on black magic. The priest should also bless the house and the person you suspect is under the influence of Vashikaran. It is also advisable to ask who could have done the Vashikaran.

Once you get to know who actually did the Vashikaran it will help you to be careful of that person in the future. It is not always necessary that something was placed in the house that is doing the Vashikaran. It is also possible that a drink or a food item is being given that started the Vashikaran. It might not be possible for you to take the victim to the priest. What you can do is instead call the priest home and talk to the victim.

You must act on time and as fast as you can. If the Vashikaran goes on for a long time it can really damage your family life and the health of the person concerned. The priest will do the pujas necessary and they will also suggest what you must do in order to ensure that the Vashikaran is not done again.

There are many religious threads and lockets that you can make your family members wear to ensure that they do not become the victim of Vashikaran again.

We have tried to discuss almost all the points of Vashikaran. It is a very Indian concept that is very popular in tantra and it is being practiced in India for years now. Like most of the topics in black magic even this is a debatable one. Especially because some feel that Vashikaran is not possible and some feel that it is quite possible and has been applied on many people from time to time.

Editor’s note:

we have put up this post after lot of demand from our readers though we usually try to restrain from putting such posts. We can only add to the author’s version that even though vashikaran can be done by someone with good psychic powers, one can be safe from it if one is very strong willed and believes in the Almighty. Secondly always be wary of asking who has done vashikaran to pakhandi sadhus as they usually cause a rift between your near and dear ones as they will always name some nearby person. If you have strong faith in God no one can harm you either through vashikaran or anything so only go for remedies if your situation is out of control

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