Healing Power of Prayers

Healing Power of Prayers
Healing Through Prayers

Healing Through Prayers

Is healing possible with Prayers? This is a question which may not find a huge number of supporters in the materialistic world of today. Still there are examples and testimonies that the healing power of Prayers did work when everything else failed.

Prayers vs Medication

We probably have heard it many a times that in some medical complications the doctors suggest that prayers are more effective than medicines. This is because all through medical history we have encountered a lot of miraculous recoveries.

Even many scientists, doctors and people from rigorous scientific backgrounds have the same opinion that prayers do have a lot of healing power. We will now discuss about the healing power of prayers in this article.

The experts believe that if strangers pray for a person who is dying the power of the prayer becomes even stronger as a result destiny changes and miracles can happen.

Olden Times

In the olden days it was noticed that when a king was ill the people of the kingdom would pray for him as a result the king would recover faster. This happened all across the world. In those days medical science was not that effective. That is why a recovery was not considered anything less than a miracle. These paved the way to the popular belief that Prayers do have a lot of healing power. Still it is not a false belief but there is a science or logic behind this as well.

Collective Energy

When a lot of people pray for something from all over the globe, energy is created. This energy leads to the recovery of the ones who are suffering. The debate between religion and medicines is an old one. However, as religion has slowly accepted many medical theories even medical theories have slowly accepted that faith is right when it comes to prayers.

Today in spite of all the advancements in medical science we still see a lot of miracles happening. There are a lot of recoveries all over the world that medical science cannot explain. This is exactly why we are forced to believe in the healing power of prayers.

Every hospital all over the world has a prayer room. There is an area in all the floors of the hospital where one can offer prayers. This is to ensure that the relatives and friends can pray for the person who is dying. These prayers also reduce the pain of the one suffering. There are many doctors who also join the prayers. It is said that if a person who is not at all related to the patient prays then the chances of recovery is much higher. Prayers have the ability to do away with the negative energies. They ensure that the dying recovers fast.

How to Pray for Healing?

The commonly accepted format for praying for someone is pretty universal and it goes as follows – “To pray for a person dying you must go to the god you believe in. Name the person you are praying for this is very important. Only when you specifically mention the name will your prayers work. You also need to mention that you want the person to recover faster. You can also light a candle or a lamp while praying”.

Logic of Above

Most skeptics could be quick to point out that if God knows everything why do we need to mention name of the person and all the formalities. Well, the answer to that is that “God” basically refers to the universal energy which prevades the entire cosmos and is equally responsive to anyone having the art of invoking that in the right direction.

Unless a person is much advanced into some sort of path or meditation method, he or she would have to be told things in the most naive manner. Hence it is the reason that the above format is like that. Otherwise if you just Pray with the best of your intentions, it would surely work.

If in life you ever face a situation where the doctors say they cannot do much, then do ask your friends and families to pray. You will soon realise how the prayers are helping the person to recover. When you hear about someone who is suffering then do pray as we have mentioned above. This will definitely help you to do your bit about the person dying. Even if the person is no where related to you. Do mention a small prayer and wait for a miracle to happen.

We are not saying that you should not use your common sense and throw away all medicines. That can also work but it requires an entirely different level of Faith, which is a matter of individual discussion and not public one.


To summarize, you have to consult a good doctor and you will have to do all that the doctors tell you to. Nevertheless, the point to keep in mind is that along with medicines if prayers are made then the process of recovery is much faster. Let’s have faith in the healing power of prayers.

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