Fire Hand

Fire Hand

Spatulate Hand

The Fire Hand can be described as an oblong or rectangular shaped palm with short digits.  They appear broad at the wrist but they become wider towards the finger tips, however this may be vice-versa at times. The Fire Hand is also called the spatulate hand.  One of the most prominent features of this hand type, is that thumb is usually large and at times appear to be very masculine. The hand may also appear like a spatula towards the end of its digits.

Persons, who have a Spatulate hand, are said to imaginative people, as well enthusiastic. They are also considered to be impatient and very much versatile persons.  They are very imaginative people, and are intrigued by invention and the discovery of things.  They also possess great navigational skills and are likely to become involved in mechanical works.

People with the Fire Hand, do have a hunger for knowledge, and are usually restless as well as energetic and excitable by nature.  They are people who would always look at the broader picture of a situation, rather than the smaller things.  Those with Spatulate hands, do work well under pressure and tend to lead people with their high energy levels, and at times thrive on taking risks.  They are generous and very sociable by nature.

People who do posses the Fire Hand, as the word “fire” suggests, they are very much ruled by passion. They are considered very un-predictable and volatile lovers, and they are usually attracted to persons who also posses the Fire Hands.  The one who holds the Spatulate hand is a person who will not follow conventional terms in whatever he decides to pursue, this being a very distinctive characteristic of this hand type.

Persons who posses a flabby and softer Spatulate hand, would normally not have the qualities and characteristics which were mentioned above.  However these persons tend to be irritable or may seem to be in distress most often than not. These feelings may be due to the inability to create or deliver the work which is prominently associated with this hand type.

The most common profession among the Fire Hands are artists, inventors, explorers, astronauts and engineers.

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