The Mount Of Venus: An Introduction – Part I

The Mount Of Venus: An Introduction – Part I

Mounts are regions in the palm which are raised flesh. In palmistry the Mounts hold special significance and they are the origin for various lines within the palm. They are also named after several planets in our solar system. Each mount is of different shape and heights as a result they have a different significance. Some have a strong mount of sun which makes them more successful. Whereas some may have a strong mount of Venus. Here we would focus on the Mount of Venus.

Mount of Venus

Mount of Venus

The Mount of Venus is located at the base of the thumb and is divided by the age line. In palmistry, the Mount of Venus represents love, romance, sensuality and the physical appearance. It also indicates the liking for the arts and anything which hold beauty as a whole. It also represents a sense of aesthetics, the luxuries of one’s life and the passion for good food and wine.

A very puffy mount of Venus may mean that the person will fear commitment. They may have a lot of affairs and one night stands. It may be contradicted if the same Mount of Venus is supported with a strong head line and a steady thumb; the person may channelize all his or her emotions in searching for the perfect match and fall in love once and get married to the same person.

Those with the strong influence of Venus have a lot of friends and friends for life. They reach out to people and have an inborn passion for life. They have a love for luxury and live life king size. They are known for gifting lavish gifts and also fall in love very easily not only with people but also with things. They are physically very demanding and passionate in their approach.

They look for people who are attractive and also have a strong personality. It is often found that people with strong Mount of Venus get into many affairs before they find the right pair. The main reason being they are emotional and deal with heart and not with mind as a result they don’t realize their mistakes easily.

Now that we know what the mount of Venus stands for we will now have to discuss about what the size of it means. People who have a high or fleshy Mount of Venus is said to be beautiful and very civil individuals. They are also highly influential with their personalities. Where the Mount is underdeveloped it in an indication that individual lacks all the senses of which Venus rules. However, if the Mount of Venus is highly developed, it is interpreted as, someone who has over indulged in several of Venus’s factors which may include food, wine, or even love.

Persons with highly developed Mount of Venus tend to generally suffer from diseases that affect the throat region. In some cases the mount of Venus is absent and can lead the person to being like ascetic – a person who renounces all material things or a mendicant –a person who relies on charitable donations (this usually refers to a religious follower). It may also signify a person who removes himself from all public interaction and lives a life in isolation. Interesting! How the same mount if developed slightly more or less can make impossible difference to your life.

If you closely look at the mount of Venus in your hand you will observe certain fine lines on it. Here we will take the time to discuss the finer lines that appear on the Mount of Venus. Being the biggest mount on any palm, it occupies the maximum region of our palm. The life line runs parallel to this mount. If you find another straight line on this mount indicate that the person will have a lot of emotions and passions. Too many of these lines may mean that the person will have a lot of affairs at the same time. A flirt is the best word that can describe these people.

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