Earth Hand

Earth Hand

People who have Earth Hands, they have a square shaped palm which is usually accompanied by short digits. It is also known as the “Square Hand”. The lines which are marked on the palm are usually few in number, and they normally arches at the finger tips. As the name Earth Hands, it represents the ruling body as the Earth.

People with Earth hands, usually like to be kept busy and enjoy working with their hands.  Their personality type tends to be very careful and well as practical. The Earth hand represents people who are very reliable and solid. Earth Hand persons are also level-headed and do not put up with other’s nonsense or in any way as a whole. They at times make some of  the best workers because of these characteristics and because they are come across as emotionally stable individuals and hard workers.

This type of persons; tend to lead quieter lifestyles, especially one that takes them away from the everyday hustle and bustle.  They are nature lovers and enjoy being in the outdoors. They enjoy working with the earth and soil, and this may be  one of the major reasons as to why they lead long, fruitful lives. People with this hand type are also easily aroused. They also tend to be over cautions especially when they are not having a very good day.

A few of the major setbacks of an Earth Hand, is that they come across as very dominating individuals. At times they are quite materialistic and can be insensitive to others and situations around them. Many Earth Hands do not adapt well to change, and will have issues when it comes to being in new situations. One of the major characteristic set backs, is that then tend to become impatient and at times can be over  critical as well as suspicious of people.

The most common type of profession amongst the Earth Hands are carpenters, artists and even photographers.

Astrologically the Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo ad Capricorn.

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