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There are many believes all over the world about how a home or office can be improved by improving the energy levels. This is an age old study and has been termed different in different parts of the world. In India it is called Vastu. The same study is called Feng Shui in China and Japan. It is primarily a Chinese concept that was later accepted by the whole world.

The subject is a part of astrology. The modern scientists do belive that there is some substance in the study and the theories that they propagate are not all that meaningless after all. We will in this article tell you a little bit about feng Shui and also give you a feng Shui guide that will help you to make your homes a better place to stay and office a better place to work.

It was traditionally used to design houses and buildings. It is interesting that the study was used to even construct tombs. The study considers the four directions (east, west, south and north) as the basis of all its designs. The different forms of schools under feng Shui are the form school, compass school, transmission of traditional feng Shui techniques, and current usage of traditional schools. It is still taught as a subject to students so that they can implement the principles in modern day architecture.

The topic has always been debatable. People have often questioned the authenticity of feng Shui as a reliable source. On the other hand some believe that it is a very useful tool and a knowledge base. Whatever the thought maybe is not important. Let’s not get into the argument. The fact remains that there are some simple tips of Feng Shui guide that we are going to discuss in this article. You can implement them and see the results yourself.

Tips to Build a Feng Shui House

If you are building a new house and looking forward to construct it as per Feng Shui guide then you can follow these simple points. You can also use these at the time of renovation of your house. Well before we move any further we would like to state that you either try to follow Feng Shui guide or the vastu guide. Following both will not lead you anywhere. It will only add to the complication. The basic principle on which Feng Shui guide is based on is to use the various energy and elements of nature in such a way that we get the maximum results from it. Let’s start with the bedroom. It should always have big windows that will allow fresh air to move into the room. The windows should be located in such a way that they can be kept open most of the time. The lights in a bedroom should be dim.

You should keep them as less as possible. The use of Feng Shui candles in the evening can create a nice atmosphere to relax in the bedroom. The colours of the bedroom wall should be as soothing as possible. The experts say that the colour should be your skin colour. This will give a better and relaxed feel when you enter the room. The paintings or pictures that you put in your bedroom should be happy and smiling ones. These will ensure that you are happy and relaxed. You should have two side tables at both the corner of the bed. The bed should not be facing the door. The colour of your bed sheet should a light one that will match with the texture of the room. When you sleep at bedroom and the attached bathrooms doors should be closed. The Feng Shui guide clearly states that you must keep the closets in your bedroom in well managed condition. This will removes stress from your life. You must not keep any television or electric gadget in your bedroom. This will distract the energies and may give you disturbed sleep.

Natural plants in the house are a good idea as it increases the oxygen levels and adds to the beauty of the house.  However, as per the Feng Shui guide no natural plants should be kept in the bedroom. This is so because plants give out carbon dioxide at night.

About the Bedroom

Similarly keeping an aquarium is not advised in a bedroom. It can be kept in the living room of the house. Water fountain or images of water is also not advised in a bedroom this is so because water can kill fire. Fire is associated with sexual life that’s why if you want to enjoy a good love life try keeping the water elements away from the bed room. Even a huge mirror is not recommended in the bedroom. It should be kept in a separate dressing area.

The living room must be in the southern or south western part of the house. You can use lively colours like shades of red and orange to paint the living room. The furniture of this room must we well arranged.

The best way to arrange it is just imagine that water is flowing in the room and the furniture should be placed in such a way that they water’s flow is not obstructed at all. The room must not be cluttered else it will not give a happy feeling. Any object of sharp energy level should not be kept in the living room. The living room should have a lot of natural light flowing into it. You can also keep a fire place in the living room. The direction should be South East. Try not to keep the fire place and the aquarium very close to each other as they both being fire and water elements may contradict each other and create a bad energy level. The living room is a place where we spend a lot of time so we should keep the energy levels of the room to the best. You can also place a mystic knot wind chime in your house. This protects the house and enhances the inflow of wealth. However, it should always be placed in the East window of the house. If placed anywhere else it might attract evil spirits. Another useful tip in the Feng Shui guide about the living room is to use fresh flowers for decoration. This will give a nice feel to the room. You can also place them on the dining table.

About the Kitchen

The next room that we are going to discuss in the feng Shui guide is the kitchen. You can plant some herbs or have a small kitchen garden. The smell of fresh leaves and herbs can make cooking a better experience. This area should be clean and not cluttered. A good amount if sunlight should enter the kitchen so that there is no chance for germs to grow. The colour used should be warm. The stove should be kept in the south or the south west direction. If you are making a new home remember that the stove should not face the north direction ever. You can put a mirror in the kitchen as it will increase the size of it. If you have a small kitchen then ensure that you buy only as much as required. Don’t buy any unnecessary stuff that you might not use.

About the Bathrooms

We now move on to what the Feng Shui guide has to say about bathrooms in your house. It should never be placed in the centre of the house. It should be constructed in the South West direction of the house. You can use bright colors of fire element in the bathroom. You can also keep it in the west. Never keep a bathroom over the bedroom. A mirror just outside the bathroom is a good idea. It will not let the energy leave the bathroom.

You must keep the bathroom spacious so that you can also convert it to a spa when you feel like. Always ensure that the bathroom is ventilated and fresh air can come in. you must see to it that the bathroom is not very dark. The bathroom should be kept clean. The lights in the bathroom should be less so that you can relax in here. The Feng Shui guide recommends the used of scented candles in the bathroom. This will keep the air fresh. You can also place fresh flowers in the bathroom.

The children room or the nursery is the next that we are going to discuss as per the Feng Shui guide. Let’s first start with the nursery. A friend of mine spent a lot of money in designing a nursery. However, the new baby would not be able to get any sleep in this room. As soon as she would put her to sleep the baby would get up. This was not the case in any other room of the house. She once told me to come and check the room. Well the room was beautiful no doubt but it was too bright, there were a lot of toys in the room that were not required. They also had too many pug points and electrical appliances in the room.

About the Rooms for Baby’s

I suggested her same Feng Shui tips that I am going to discuss now. After that the baby had no trouble sleeping in that room. The baby’s cot should never be place in line with the door. You should never keep any electrical appliances in the nursery of the baby. You can only keep a walky talky that’s all. Paint the room with light pastel colours. No need to make a lot of paintings on the walls. The toys should be minimal and all should be kept in place. A small baby does not need toys that he or she can play only after years. The light in a baby’s nursery should be dim.

This should be on all the time when the baby is sleeping. Sunlight and fresh air are another important factor when you design a nursery. These elements should be in abundance. Keep the nursery close to your room. A television or use of a laptop near the baby when it is sleeping is a big no. These hinder their sleep as the energy that they give out is not good at all. In case you too are facing the same issues with your baby’s nursery then we recommend that you get these tips in place and you will be delighted to see how well your baby is sleeping and is slowly becoming a happy and healthy baby.

About the Children’s Room

The Feng Shui guide also has a good lot of points on how the children room should be. We are about to discuss the same in this article now. Well as the nursery the kids room should also be well ventilated and have a lot of sunshine coming in. The furniture should be light and without sharp edges so that they don’t hurt themselves. There should be enough space so that they can play around. As far as possible keep the electric plugs less. No television or music system should be installed in the room as far as possible. These will distract the energy from the room. In a children room you should put in good lights so that they don’t fall off and can study easily. Don’t let toys and other stuff clutter the room. Discipline the kids so that they keep their toys and things in place. A good habit can help them a long way. The colour of a kid room depends on their nature. A shy kid should have a warm colour on the walls. An unruly child may be given light colours to calm them down, etc. You can keep a dim light on for the child to sleep well. Like your own bed room the kid’s room can also be in the same direction.

If you are a person who works a lot from home then you can do the following things as per the Feng Shui guide. If possible try to keep the entry of the office and the home separate. The home office should not be anywhere close to the bedroom. Keep some plants in the office. Try to use colours that inspire you on the walls. The desk should not be in line with the door. Try to face a window while you work. The study room can be in the North Area of the house. These simple tips can help you enjoy a better work life.

The main door of the house should be south facing. They can be green, brown or pink in colour. Black is not recommended. However, if you have a north facing door then you can use black as an option.

Just follow this simple Feng Shui guide and you will be amazed to see the results. It will slowly make a significant change in your life. You actually don’t have to be an expert on the Feng Shui guide. You can just follow these simple principles that are all. I hope you have understood all the concepts and points of a Feng Shui guide. This is a list of few tips that can definitely make a big difference in your life. So what are you waiting for just implement the basic changes that have been suggested, and enjoy the magical effect that these will bring in your life and life of your family.

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