Doomsday 21 December

Doomsday 21 December

We don’t exactly know how the earth came into existence and how life started on it. There are many theories and principles that have been propagated. However, the exact cause is still debatable. It is said that our ancestors were much more aware of earth, the universe and all the elements that make them. With time much of the knowledge is lost. For example when the Tsunami happened in December 2004, none of the sophisticated mechanisms in place could predict it. The sea went back from its normal shore line. No much so that for kilometers it was not visible. Hundreds and thousands of lives were lost. Interestingly in Andaman there is a tribe called the jarawa tribe.  They too saw the sea going back they packed up all their stuff and went up to the mountains. Nothing happened to them not even a single life was lost. The question that rises from this story is what is the knowledge that we have about the forces that rule earth?

Perhaps nothing a tribe leaving in the jungle and far away from civilization has more knowledge than the sophisticated machines. Doom can come anytime. None of our machines and technology can face the fury of nature. Time and again nature has proved it. Perhaps this is one way we can belive in the fact that there is a god who rules our lives. We in this article will discuss the much debated theory of doomsday 21 December. Science that believes in facts and theories claim that it is nothing but a hoax. The faith on the other hand says this might be the end of all that we have ever known.

Debate between Faith and Religion

The debate between faith and religion is age old. We all know that. They both have their own benefits and disadvantages. Many times religion has proved itself stronger than science and there are quite a few examples where science has proved religion wrong. When the discussion is on doomsday 21 December we again face the same cross road. Religion or science, which one is right? As far as dec 21st 2012 doomsday is concerned the scientists belive that there are no abnormal readings that have been recorded any where even from the outer space there is no signal of impending disaster. All the readings are indicating safe and normal life even on dec 21st 2012 the supposed to be doomsday.

As far as the religion and faith is concerned. We have to go back to the Maya civilization. This existed thousands of years ago. The oldest civilization on earth and perhaps the most developed one too. They mastered mathematics and astrology even so many years ago. They had a language that they could write in. This is the language that helped us to understand this interesting civilization even better. Their city was very close to modern day Mexico. The civilization adapted itself to change unlike Egypt and as a result they still exist in the areas around Mexico.

Even today tourists from all over the world visit the remains of this unique civilization. It was in their scriptures that they mentioned that the earth will end on 21st December 2012. Post this day there would be nothing left. The Mayan calendar to ends abruptly on this day this has given way to the famous belief of doomsday 21 December.

Were the Mayans such a scholar that they could predict the end of the earth? Can anyone say when the earth will collapse accurately? We have been taking earth and its resources for granted no doubt. We have spoilt its eco system. We have killed many animals by cutting jungles. Perhaps our kids will not see even half of the animals we saw as children. The pollution levels are high we have polluted the sea too with hazardous chemicals. Not to forget the green house effect. Perhaps it is true that if we go on harming earth and its resources the way we are doing today. In few thousand years’ earth will either not be live-able or it will be covered with water all over exactly how it was initially. Maybe we human will live on in some other planet. This is possible because we have intelligence and technology.

Whatever the future is we don’t know. We have still not found another planet where we can live a normal life like we are enjoying on Earth. The science says we have caused a severe damage to earth that cannot be undone. However, the awareness is high now and people all across the globe are working hard to ensure that the planet is not harmed any further.

The Mayan scholars predicted that the earth will end on 21st dec 2012. However, they did not quite explain how this is going to happen. Will there be a massive Tsunami, will there be an earthquake or there will be a comet that will hit Earth. Nothing is clear. The Islamic scholars feel that god is not so cruel that he will destroy the earth one fine day. The Hindu’s say that as no one knows when earth came into existence no one can predict its end. Whereas the followers of the Mayan civilization say that the earth will come to an end on 21st December 2012.

No matter what your opinion is. The interesting question is why did the Mayan people select the date of 21st December 2012? They had enough calendar years left with them. It is an apocalyptic event that we have been waiting for years. Many movies and stories have been developed on this concept. However, something inside says that cannot destroy his creation so soon. There are many people who have started taking it very seriously. They are looking at how they can fulfill all their last wishes. Some are filling their house with food and other vital requirements so that they can survive this fatal day. The reactions are mixed and interesting.

We don’t know what is true. We cannot justify science because it has failed many a times in the past. We cannot blindly believe in a civilization and its predictions because they too had claimed the world will end in 2000 which never happened. Perhaps it’s a good reminder call for us that let us not take the Earth and all that it has given us lightly. We should preserve the natural resources and protect the environment so that we can ensure that the Earth protects us. We can only hope and pray that god and earth gives us a second chance. We can only hope that doomsday 21 December is nothing but a hoax story. Perhaps it’s only when dec 21st 2012 arrives that we will know the truth.

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