Do Ghosts Really Exist?

Do Ghosts Really Exist?
Do Ghosts Really Exist

Do Ghosts Exist

Today we are going to touch upon a question which might seem a bit scary to many of you. Still this is a question that is often asked by people. Do ghosts really exist? Different people have different opinions about the same. Some people claim that they have seen a ghost. Some are skeptical and they believe that when we die everything is over.

However, the concept of ghosts has been found in all the cultures across the world. There are remedies mentioned in all cultures about how to get rid of ghosts. Yet what is the truth behind this claims and whether there has been even a systematic scientific study of the phenomenon? Let us find out more about this interesting query.

Do ghosts really exist is a question that becomes more confusing as you try to answer it. The common belief is that when a man or woman dies an untimely death or when the person dying is killed by a violent episode the soul does not get rest. They keep looking for a medium to contact the living world. All they want is that their souls are set free. When there is an encounter with the dead, a priest or a ghost hunter is called for. These people help to get rid of the soul. They can communicate with the dead and exactly understand what is required in order to set the souls free. Actually the word “getting rid of the soul” in the preceding sentence may not be true as soul cannot be destroyed but yes the people curing ghosts can actually help the soul to break connections with the material world.

It is said that ghosts can easily contact a dog or a child. When your child tells you something that is strange don’t ignore it. There are some ghosts who don’t harm anyone and on the other hand there are ghosts who are evil and they want to damage others in some way or the other. Some of us are sensitive this is exactly why ghosts approach us. Some of us are strong willed so ghosts cannot contact us easily.

When a person is lonely and weak the possibility to encounter ghosts is higher. There are many video and audio recordings that have proved the existence of ghosts. These are strong proofs to support the claim that ghosts do exist. In the olden days several times people have encountered ghosts. It is said that some of them are very territorial. They don’t like it when people enter their houses. This is exactly why they try to ensure that the new occupants of the house are scared and they leave. Some ghosts are friendly and they don’t harm anyone.

It is believed that ghosts come out in the night. They gain more power in the night and in the morning they lose all power. You can feel the presence of a ghost when all of a sudden you feel that something very cold has touched you. Sometime for no reason you may start crying and might get suicidal. These are symptoms that there is a ghost in the house. Some souls are either very angry or they are very sad. This is exactly why you may feel these emotions when you encounter a ghost. A ghost will not appear like you see on TV. You can at the most see a shadow moving. The ghosts have specific auras and energy levels around them. This is exactly why it is difficult to spot ghosts at the first place.

It is said that a soul never dies they live on and they will keep visiting you. The ghost can be of a family member or of a stranger. When you experience something supernatural don’t ignore it. Try to face it. This may save you from a lot of trouble. When a ghost tries to contact you be brave and try to understand what exactly the ghost wants you to do. You can contact an expert. The contact of paranormal experts is many online. These people can help you to handle the situation better. We will advise that you seek help as you may not be capable of handling the situation. You will never know how powerful the ghost is and what its intentions are. When you see your child communicating with thin air or when you see your dog barking furiously then don’t consider these as nothing. Actually the logic behind this is that the mind of a child is very calm, pure and intuitive relatively speaking to a normal adult so has much more sensitivity, and even it is believed that dogs have sixth sense.

Let us try to understand these things from a different perspective now. Because most of the statements above are simply stated as it is, without any reasoning behind it. This might be okay for a person having familiarity with the supernatural concepts but to a person who does not have a clue about what is being talked about, there is a different line of explanation.

Basically most religions agree on the fact that soul exists, and that is the underlying life force which keeps the body (which is just a collection of flesh, bones, blood and other elements) alive and conscious. We also know that mind does have exceptional powers and so much so that it is many time superior to matter. Hence now if we see the connection, we can tell that a person having a sensitive mind is just like a radio transmitter tuned to the right frequency and can catch signals or energy level of the ghosts and hence can see or feel them. Similarly a person who strongly disbelieves that ghosts do not exist, also creates an aura whereby that reception is not clear, hence he or she cannot see ghosts.

So we can summarize that whether ghosts exist or not also depends on your inclination towards the belief which in turn also reflects your background, culture, religious beliefs and the way you are nurtured. This does not mean to say that ghosts are mere imaginations, but there is a very slight and subtle difference between imagination and the power to materialize a strong thought or belief. There might be more than what meets your eye. I hope we have been able to clarify your questions on do ghosts really exist.

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