Famous Haunted Houses

Famous Haunted Houses
Famous Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses

We discussed in a recent article as to whether ghosts really exist. Taking this talk further, we will now talk about some of the most famous haunted houses. Depending on our disposition, the term haunted house might sound thrilling or scary to different people. Many of us want to spend a night in a haunted house just to experience the presence of the paranormal. Some of us want to see if a ghost actually exists. The purpose of our visits can be any but the thrill is the same for all. We will now discuss some of the famous haunted houses.

The term haunted comes from the fact that these houses have occupants who are dead years ago. These houses are haunted as no one could ever live in them. There are stories that are associated with these houses. Stories that say how people experienced strange activities in these houses are plenty too. Some of these houses have a bloody history. Houses where lots of innocent lives were lost, this is exactly why these houses become abode to souls who are looking for salvation.

I hope we have by now got a good idea of what a haunted house is. Some of the jails like the cellular jail in Andaman is considered haunted. No one is allowed in at night. This is because a lot of freedom fighters were tortured here and some even died. There are many castles in Europe and United Kingdom that are haunted too. These castles too have a history of torture and bloodshed. These castles have seen history and have been a part of it too. This is exactly why some of them are haunted by several ghosts.

It must also be mentioned at this point that somehow the perception and sensitivity of the person could also determine the experience one has, if one happens to visit or stay in a haunted house. Having some sort of extra sensory perception or ESP does make a difference, though it is not exactly the reason why people learn how to develop ESP

Before we move further let us tell you that not all haunted houses are dangerous. Some of the haunted houses have strange activities happening but you can definitely live in them. However, there are some haunted houses that are very dangerous to live in. You may even die in this process. Some haunted houses have been converted to motels and hotels as people visit them to encounter the paranormal activities. People spend good amount of money to get the feel of living with the dead.

There are many castles and forts across the world that is considered to be haunted. There are night tours that are undertaken in here. You can be a part of these ghost tours in order to experience a feeling that is absolutely not possible anywhere else. These tours are safe and anyone can take them. We will now discuss some of the famous haunted houses in the world.

The list below covers a few popular names, though you must understand that the list is not exhaustive, neither does it give full details of each as it would make the article too long. We would possible discuss each of these famous haunted houses, their history and danger level in separate articles later on.

The White “Haunted” House

The white house where the president of United States resides is considered to be one of the most haunted places on earth. The London tower was one of the most famous jails in London. It has seen a lot of bloodshed in the past. Many have reported incidents inside this jail. There is a tower called bloody tower where even dogs refuse to enter. This is considered to be the most haunted part of the building.

Whaley House-Edinburgh Castle-Schooner Hotel

The Whaley house has a terrible history. It is so bad that many lives were lost in this house. There are frequent encounters with the dead in this house. The Edinburgh castle in Scotland is also known as one of the most haunted places on earth. Many mysterious appearances and shadowy figures are reported here. This is because the castle again has a very violent history. The Schooner hotel in the United Kingdom is also a very famous haunted place. In this hotel about three thousand appearances were spotted in the past few years. The room number seventeen and eighteen in this hotel are particularly haunted.

Lalaurie House – New Orleans

Lalaurie house in New Orleans was home to madam Lalaurie. She was a cruel woman and would torture her slaves. The house has many grave yards. It is a haunted place and people who bought it could not live there for long.

Bhangarh Fort – India

The Bhangarh fort is again one of the most haunted forts in India. It is locked and no visitor is allowed to enter it. It is said that the fort is cursed. The visitors who have seen it from outside say that they feel uneasiness near the fort.

I hope you have got a good idea of the famous haunted houses by now. So which is the one that you are planning to visit? Do visit one and feel the thrill of a supernatural experience. You will remember the experience for a lifetime. You never know you may spot a blast from the past.

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