Benefits Of Daily Morning Meditation

Benefits Of Daily Morning Meditation
Benefits of Daily Morning Meditation

Benefits of Daily Morning Meditation

The best time in a day to meditate is either early in the morning or just before sleeping. However, the preferred time remains mornings just after getting up from the long sleep. This is the best time as the mind is fresh and free from tensions at this time.

Meditation is a beautiful process that is used differently by different people. While for some it is the time to talk and listen to the almighty for the others it is time to listen to one’s inner voice. The best time to sit in meditation is early mornings or late evenings but early mornings are usually preferred. Let us discuss a few tips that can help you meditate better.

A light body and a light mind

Remember that a light mind can only stay in a light body. Perform your morning ablutions before you sit for meditation. If possible even take a bath before you sit for meditation. The idea is to ensure that the positive energies that are generated during meditation stay with you for a longer period of time.

Determine a routine and a place

The best way to train a mind is to consciously work to acquire a habit. Sit for meditation at a fixed hour and at a fixed spot in your house. A fixed routine will help you gain control over your mind and body in a better manner.

The Pose 

The first thing we will discuss is what exactly daily morning meditation is all about. Well you must sit in padmasana with both your hands on your knees. Padmasana is not advised to those who have a knee problem or arthritis. These people can simply sit on a chair and meditate.

Morning Meditation

Morning Meditation

Observe and control your breath

Once all the three points discussed above are taken care of it is time to start meditating. Close your eyes and start concentrating on all the noises that you can hear around you. Slowly you start listening to the noises within you. Then you start following the breath in and breathe out that you can feel in your own body. Follow the movement of the air into your body and how the air is leaving your body.

Feel the calm

When you follow these you will slowly feel a feeling of calm. At the last stage of the meditation imagine an Aum sign or any other symbol and concentrate on it. As you look closely you will get more pulled towards the sign. Stay in this state for as long as you feel comfortable. Enjoy the calmness, the peace all around you. Remember, this calmness and peace is a reflection of your mind.

You may feel that you don’t need meditation. This is not true no matter what ever your age is you must meditate. Initially you may find it difficult to meditate. However, with time and with regular practice your concentration power will increase and slowly you will be able to meditate for longer.


It is said that daily morning meditation has a lot of advantages.  The daily morning meditation can help you to improve memory power and concentration. When young students practice daily morning meditation they start showing signs of improvement in studies. Pregnant women when involved in daily morning meditation can increase the blood circulation to the foetus leading to better growth of the baby. A pregnant women are not advised to sit in a padmasan position they can do these meditation sitting on a chair too.

Young professionals and even students who live a very stressful life can relax and improve their mental strength with daily morning meditation. The elderlies need to practice daily morning meditation as this improves the blood circulation level to the various parts of their bodies. Regular practice of daily morning meditation can help us fight many diseases. It is proves that this can help reduce blood pressure levels and sugar levels. Meditation is a very useful stress buster no doubts about that.

No matter what reasons may prompt you to start meditating it is the time that you spend on yourself and for holistic development.

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