The Story Of Baba Lokenath

The Story Of Baba Lokenath

When you are in trouble just remember me. I will come and save you from any problem always. This is what Baba Lokenath used to say to his followers. Many of his followers do believe that this saying is very true. We will now discuss about this very popular saint of Bengal named Baba Lokenath.

Baba Lokenath Ji

Baba Lokenath Ji

The Story of Baba Lokenath Ji

He was born on the day of Janmashtami (the same date when lord Krishna was born).  As per English calendar the date is 29th August 1730. He was born in a Brahmin family couple of miles away from Kolkata. He was the fourth son of his parents named Shree Ramnarayan Ghoshal and Shrimati Kamaladevi.

His parents had decided to dedicate their fourth son to the path of gods. His father Shree Ramnarayan Ghoshal contacted a renowned pundit of their time named Acharya Bhagawan Ganguly. The scholar accepted Lokenath as his disciple. Baba Lokenath had never gone to school for a formal education.

Nevertheless, the wisdom that he had could not be compared to any other living person.  Bhagawan Ganguly would teach Lokenath about vedas and religion. However, Lokenath was always very keen on taking up Sanyas. At the tender age of eleven he left his family and followed his guru to the dense forests. He practiced patanjali and also visited the famous kalighat temple in Kolkata. He spent almost twenty five years of his life like this. He later moved to the mighty Himalayas. He meditated for fifty long years in one position and without a single piece of cloth on this body. He was finally granted enlightment at the age of ninety years.

The age of attainting enlightment was late. However, he was physically very active. Soon after getting the enlightment he travelled to Afghanistan, Persia, Arabia and Israel. He also made three pilgrimages to Mecca. He later reached Dhaka now in Bangladesh. There a rich family built him a ashram. He wore saffron robes there that are considered sacred.

He spent rest of his life in this simplicity and he performed became innumerable number of miracles. His popularity became very strong. People from all across would come to seek his blessings. These followers gave him the name of baba that means father. It was the love of people that inspired him to continue the miracles forever. He would give wisdom to all those who came to him seeking for peace and moksha.

It was 1890 the date was first of June. He was aged one hundred and sixty at that time. He called his devotees to the Ashram. He fed them with their own hands. He gave his wisdom to all and told them that he will always be there for them. After this he went to his cottage and started his meditation as usual. He took a maha samadhi and did not die as ordinary mortals generally do. He went into a trance and later died. Before his death he did say that he is eternal and although his physical body has died he will continue to live in the hearts of the people.

Whenever anyone prays to him and chants his name he will always come to help them. The followers consider him trikaldarshi (someone who can see the past, present and the future). He is also considered as a mahayogi (a divine spiritual leader). He preached Gita and vedas. He belived in what these books say. He told his followers to follow the teachings of these religious scriptures in their day today life. He had a deep regard for the Mother Nature and anything that is natural. His teachings are so powerful that even after ages have gone by people still believe his teachings and worship him as a living god.

He had one hundred and eight names. This proves how strong and popular he was. Some of his very common names are Om Sarvatmane Lokenathaya Namaha, Om Tapashvine Lokenathaya Namaha, etc. You must recite these one hundred and eight names of baba Lokenath this will take you closer to the lord. It will make you strong from within. It can help you survive many diseases and health issues. Many believe he was god who walked on earth.

It is believed that god does come to earth in human form in every age. He was definitely an incarnation of god. He lived almost for one hundred and fifty years. This is quite normal for many yogis may seem difficult to western world. He was a great disciple he would be very dedicated to his Guru. He was very upset when his Guru died. Baba was in tears. The Guru promised him that he will be back as his disciple soon in a new body and he could lead him to enlightment. Baba was very pleased to hear this.

Baba Lokenath was very humble. People would be surprised at the simple life that he lived. He was selfless this made him even more popular. He never told anyone to follow him. People just willingly followed him and considered him god. He never preached that he was god. He belived in soul power and he claimed that when the body dies it is not the end of all. Instead the soul lives on forever. It changes bodies and does come back again.

He also believed in karma. Baba Lokenath was a great yogi. He had mastered the art of yoga and he taught his disciples to follow yoga as a regular practice. He was so good with yoga that he could even cook a pot of rice on his thigh. He had learnt it from his Guru whom he had a lot of respect and regard for.

Interesting isn’t it the life of Baba Lokenath. He was indeed a living saint and maybe even god himself. Even today people visit his ashram every year on his birthday that is Janmashtami. His teachings are still followed and many do believe that no matter how bad the trouble is he is always there to help and bless those who seek his blessing even today.

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