Astrology Zodiac Signs

astrology Zodiac signs are twelve equal divisions, which represent different personality and characteristics. In vedic or Indian astrology these zodiac signs are associated with constellations but in western and Chinese astrology it is just the line of equator that is divided into twelve equal parts or segments.

Zodiac signs table:

Zodiac signs English names Element Planet Period of birth
Aries The Ram Fire Mars Mar 21-Apr 20
Taurus The Bull Earth Venus Apr 21-May 20
Gemini The Twins Air Mercury May 21-June 20
Cancer The Crab Water Moon June 21- July 20
Leo The Lion Fire Sun July 21-Aug 20
Virgo The Maiden Earth Mercury Aug 21-Sept 21
Libra The scales Air Venus Sept 21- Oct 20
Scorpio The Scorpion Water Pluto Oct 21- Nov 20
Sagittarius The Archer Fire Jupiter Nov 21- Dec 20
Capricorn The Sea-goat Earth Saturn Dec 21- Jan 20
Aquarius The water carrier Air Uranus Jan 21- Feb 20
Pisces The Fish Water Neptune Feb21 Mar 21

Characteristics and traits of zodiac signs

ARIES:  Aries is the first of zodiac sign so they are the most free and independent personality. They don’t like to take orders and get bored easily if there is lack of excitement in their relationship. They are optimistic, aggressive and like to dominate yet moody, self-involved and impulsive.

TAURUS: Taurus is very generous and protective but can be lazy and stubborn. They don’t like to be in a strange environment. They are good follower but like to do things their way. They are art lovers and like to decorate their home with different items and like to make possessions.

GEMINI: They are very independent and can never be dominated by others; they like to live their lives on their own terms. They can be very exciting friend, very good in communication. They are very good salesman and can make a wonderful manager or team leader.

CANCER: Cancer is very independent physically but needs constant supports emotionally. They are very in a small group of good friends. They are highly dependable and make others feel good about themselves. They are very sensitive and possessive due to fear of rejection and losing.

LEO: Leo is very independent but needs people around them to appreciate them and follow them around. They don’ like to be alone. Leo’s are social butterflies and people get encouraged by their enthusiasm.

VIRGO: This is very independent sign and they can fully support themselves with their intelligence. But at the same time they can be very fussy and dwell on past, which hold them from moving forward. They are very analytical, and find a purpose for everything.

LIBRA: Libra likes to be in the company of others. They are lazy and don’t like to make their hands dirty. They have good ideas about making money; they can start it well but want someone else to do the work. They are easy going and like to make everyone happy.

SCORPIO: They are highly independent and like to be alone so they can be in control. Scorpio has very good memory and keep grudge forever. They are extremely ambitious and determined.

SAGITTARIUS: They crave adventure and like to take new challenges. They are explorer and wise. They are very good friends, encouraging, positive and selfless; they never favors in return.

CAPRICORN: Capricorn is highly independent and likes to do things on their own way. They are very strong friend; can help someone to stand on their feet and don’t want anything in return. They only know two things right and wrong.

AQUARIUS: Freedom is something so important for well being. They are very enthusiastic and unconventional. They are detached with emotions.

PISCES: Pisces needs a very strong partner unless they can easily fall into self pity. They are very loyal and sensitive. It is the most emotional sign of all zodiac signs. They live in their imagination and needs a partner who can be very strong.

Zodiac signs are important to give you insight about understanding people’s characteristics and personality traits.

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