All About Sagittarius Women

All About Sagittarius Women

Sagittarius the ninth sign of the zodiac (November 22nd – December 21st) and represented by an archer is a sign of the wanderers and knowledge seekers. Ruled by Jupiter the King of Gods, the Sagittarians are not wrong to consider themselves to be of the royal pedigree. While motivated by an explorer’s spirit they tend to procrastinate. Self indulgent for things come easy to them, they are smart enough to lay a check on themselves. In this article we discuss a few tips that would help you understand women born under the sign better.

There is a long list of Sagittarian celebrities – Taylor Swift, Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus to name just a few. According to an anonymous author, “Meeting new people, going out in the world, and travel are all important to Sagittarius sense of well-being”.

The sign of the Sagittarius

Female Sagittarius

Million Dollar Question: You are in love with a ‘female archer’ and have no idea what to do to win her heart?

We agree it is not easy coming even close to a person who loves her freedom so much but don’t heart it is not that difficult also. What is required is just a basic understanding of her basic nature, likes and dislikes and you will cherish her charm and vivaciousness. Just keep in mind the following suggestions:

1.      Loves to be Free: The Sagittarius woman likes to be free. So ensure her that you will always allow her to enjoy her life and have fun. The day she feels that you are trying to tie her down she will start to move away.

2.      Likes adventure, physical and mental activity, travelling: The Sagittarius woman likes activity and likes to try new things so your dates should be such that you have enough room for activity and adventure. If the date is about learning something new the Sagittarius woman will be game to it and they will like the idea.

If you can make the dates interesting the Sagittarius woman will look forward to meet you again. The Sagittarius woman like the Sagittarius man likes mystery so never open up to her completely. Play the guessing game with her. If she asks you something leave it to will talk about that some other day. The Sagittarius woman will look forward to this some other day. Play a puzzle and mind game with them. If they ask you a straight forward question do not give a direct answer and keep them guessing.

When you are with the Sagittarius woman talk about a lot of topics. Tell her about some adventures you have been a part of. She would like to talk about a lot of topics and she will be impressed to know that you too have knowledge of so much varied topics that can range from ghosts to aerodynamics.

Sagittarius Women

Sagittarius Women

The Sagittarius woman likes to travel and she looks for a partner who will share this passion of hers. So plan a trip with the Sagittarius woman and take her on a holiday to exotic locations. You will see how the very mention of a vacation can make the Sagittarius woman so thrilled and exited. You can look at weekend gateways to impress the Sagittarius woman. The Sagittarius woman are more in love with beaches so ensure that you take them more on a beach vacation. You can also plan a long drive or take her to an amusement park. The Sagittarius woman love amusement parks and crazy roller coasters.

3.      Matters of the Heart



However outgoing she may seem, the Sagittarius woman does not flirt around and play with hearts. They look for the one man who can help them grow and fulfil their need for adventure. When they get this man they will not take time to commit. The Sagittarius woman gets bored very easily so you have to ensure that you are not making life really boring for them. When the Sagittarius woman is bored of you and your routine habits she may want to move out of the relationship.

Do not expect the relationship with the Sagittarius woman to be like a fast track train. She will take things slowly. Let her take her time and be more comfortable with you. They will at least take some months to get very close to you and trust you completely.

The Sagittarius woman may appear to be without emotions and head strong. Well they may appear to be so and also do things that can make you feel really bad but the Sagittarius woman are one of those women in the zodiac who can really go to any extent for the people they love. When you get close to the Sagittarius woman you will see how much they care for their parents, friends, siblings, etc. They are also very close to animals and most of the Sagittarius women have some pets at home. So you can judge how deeply emotional they are.

4.      A spade is a spade… is a spade!!

The Sagittarius woman is straight forward this may be to the extent of being rude. So you have to be prepared to get rude shocks from your Sagittarius woman. The Sagittarius woman can be quite sensitive too and also understand your position. What we mean when we say outspoken is that they will call a spade a spade.

If you ask the Sagittarius woman for an opinion she will tell you that the idea is stupid on your face without any diplomacy. This can be a little difficult to take for many men. However, the Sagittarius woman is light hearted and she may forget what she told you the very next moment so please do take what she says too seriously.

This is her nature and she is like this to everyone in her life and she will be like this. Some men may take this rudeness as an indicator of a fact that the Sagittarius woman does not like him. This is not true the Sagittarius woman may be in love with you but she can be rude. Sometimes the Sagittarius woman will not even realize that she has hurt you so bad.

5.      Appreciates ambition

The Sagittarius woman likes men who are smart and who know what is happening in the world around them. So if you are a person who is not so smart then please do not look at a Sagittarius woman. The Sagittarius woman likes men who are serious about their career and know what they want from life. So when you are dating a Sagittarius woman you can tell her about your future plans and how you want to take life. This impresses a Sagittarian woman as she is quite ambitious herself.

In addition to the above five suggestions remember to be honest with her and expect a lot of optimism and positivity when you are in her company. Do not forget to give her small gifts from time to time and look and smell good.

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