How To Test A Neelam Or Blue Sapphire?

How To Test A Neelam Or Blue Sapphire?

A blue sapphire or a neelam is quite a potent gemstone. Representing Lord Shani(Saturn) it is known to have immediate effects on a wearer. Neelam cannot be worn without actually testing for the results can sway both ways. In this article we discuss a few tips of neelam can be tested before wearing and some do’s and dont’s while wearing the precious gemstone.

Blue Sapphire or Neelam

Blue Sapphire or Neelam as it is known in Hindi is one of the most beautiful gemstones that you will come across. Studded in the crown of Lord Shani (Saturn) it is the birth stone for the month of September. It is one stone that has numerous beliefs and superstitions attached to it. Lord Shani is considered to be the disciplinarian, the malefic planet but leads to good results.

Blue Sapphire or Neelam – Strong and Fast

A blue sapphire or a neelam is known to have effects much sooner than any other gemstone. It can wane away poverty, disease and sorrow and lead to prosperity, good health and fame for the wearer. It elevates the wearer in all respects. But this holds true only for those whom the stone suits. For any other person the results could be exact opposite. If the stone is not meant for a person, the wearer could end up on a path of destruction. It is imperative that a blue sapphire or neelam be worn after consultation. Before asking you to wear a blue sapphire or neelam the person recommending it to you will also ask you to test it.  Let us discuss how neelam can be tested before actually wearing it.

Testing a Neelam

A neelam stone can be worn in ear rings, a finger ring or even as a pendant in a chain. We have already discussed how to recognize a genuine neelam and the points to watch out for while buying a neelam.

A neelam stone cannot be worn without testing. For testing a neelam you could tie it on your arm for as long as twenty four hours or just place it under your pillow for a whole night and even in such a short period the stone will itself give indications if it is meant for you. Positive dreams at night, good news, an economic benefit, a promotion or an elevated mood all indicate that the stone is meant for you. Any bad dreams or anything negative happening with you clearly indicates that the stone is not meant for you.

When it comes to a blue sapphire or neelam it is also possible that while one stone may suit you the other may not suit at all. In case it has been recommended for you, you may end up testing quite a few stones before you find the one that is lucky for you. It is important to be sensitive and well aware in order to ascertain if you should be wearing the specific stone or avoiding it.

Some do’s and don’ts with Neelam

Blue Sapphire Testing

Blue Sapphire Testing

  • It is the birth stone for people born in September;
  • Depending on the stars of a couple it is also recommended for 5th, 25th and 45th wedding anniversary;
  • The minimum weight of a stone that you intend wearing should be 2 carats;
  • It is usually set in silver metal and worn in the middle finger of either hand;
  • It is particularly worn on a Saturday when the moon is moving towards a full moon;
  • The gemstone should be immersed in milk, followed by rose water before wearing it on a Saturday.


Please note that the above information is generic in nature and meant in the manner of a general information rather than specific solutions. Horoscope of each person is unique which is calculated as per Vedic astrology. Since Neelam or a Blue Sapphire is a very powerful gemstone with quick effects, we suggest you utilize the services of a good astrologer before taking any decision to wear this stone, or any gemstone for astrological purposes for that matter.

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